Wheat Cultivation

Wheat is an important food item.

The world’s population is growing rapidly. meeting the nutritional needs of this rapidly growing population is a major challenge for us.

What is needed is for us to continue to cultivate wheat not only to be self-sufficient but also to earn a modest exchange by exporting surplus produce.

The following are important agricultural factors for increasing wheat production.

  • Land selection and preparation.
  • Use healthy seeds.
  • Development area wise distribution and cultivation time.
  • Cultivation method.
  • Proportional and timely use of fertilizers.
  • Timely irrigation.
  • Destruction of herbs and shrubs.
  • Harvesting and Storing.

Benefits of Wheat:

  • Wheat is high in protein which is extremely beneficial for human body.
  • Wheat Bread, biscuit, porridge and many other things are made from wheat
  • By using wheat we can avoid many diseases.
  • Wheat is an excellent diet for weight loss.
  • The use of wheat cleanses the blood.
  • Consumption of wheat makes the heart healthy and strong.
  • Wheat controls high blood pressure.
  • Wheat contains vitamin E and fiber which kill cancer cells before they are born.

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