What are the risks of anemia?

The red substance in our blood called hemoglobin is actually a complex compound of steel. Its function is that it travels through the bloodstream to the lungs, where it receives fresh oxygen. By absorbing this oxygen into its mixture through a chemical transformation, this substance destroys every single cell in the whole body.

Oxygen is as important to life as a flame. You may have noticed that they were completely covered to extinguish candles, matches or embers. Yes, this way the flow of fresh air or oxygen is stopped and the fire is extinguished in the air. The same is true of the cells of the human body. If they do not get enough oxygen, they will not survive, and if they get too little oxygen, they will be weak and unable to do their job properly. Every living thing is made up of tiny cells, as if they were cells There are bricks that make up our body building.

The difference is that bricks do not breathe again and do not live or die, but our body cells need both breath and food, women have high levels of steel. It is also needed because of the loss of blood in the body due to bleeding during menstruation and thus the swelling in the body is reduced. Newborn babies also receive the same amount of steel that is given to the mother. At birth, a normal baby’s body contains 75 milligrams of steel per kilogram of body weight, and two-thirds of this steel is in the blood. Keeps rotating During the first two months, this treasure of steel increases rapidly and for this, the steel reaches the baby’s body through mother’s milk, and as the baby’s body grows, its needs also increase. Within a year, a baby weighs more than three times its own weight at birth, and doubles the amount of safe iron in its body. Steel in the body of mothers or mothers-to-be is also reached through foods that contain high amounts of iron. For example, meat, fish, poultry, liver, cereals, vegetables, pulses, etc. In addition, if necessary, doctors recommend eating steel tablets or capsules, etc.

These pills or capsules are strictly prescribed by the doctor Should be used. The follicles in foods are better absorbed by the body than some other foods, such as yogurt, muesli sangtra, canoe, other baby foods and vegetables such as cabbage. In the same The presence of lactic acid and vitamin C in fruits helps in better absorption of iron in the body. Abundant amounts of iron in meat and fish are absorbed by the body. Although the proportion of iron in breast milk and cow’s milk is the same, I have proved that the iron present in mother’s milk is a very good component of the baby’s body. At the age of six months, the iron in the mother’s milk is not enough for the baby’s needs, so he should start giving him foods that are easily digested and full of iron, such as soft. What happens to fruit and vegetable pulp? If iron deficiency is not being met by diet, the doctor may prescribe medicines to both mother and baby that are based on iron, such as tablets, capsules or injections for mother and steel for baby. Drug drops are very important for women who are expecting a baby. However, iron supplements should only be used with a doctor’s advice, as in some cases they can be harmful.

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