Types of fruits

Famous fruits


An apple is a red It is usually a winter fruit but is available in almost every season This is a very sweet fruit Apples are very good for our health Apples are an important source of vitamin C for our body It also gives us energy and protects us from various diseases If a person eats an apple a day, he stays healthy Apples come in two colors, mainly green and red Apple trees are found mostly in mountainous areas An apple tree can give us many pounds of fruit.


Relieves anemia Apricots are full of pain Apricots also contain good amounts of potassium Apricots contain many compounds that are very good for our health Apricot is found in both fresh and bad condition By the way, there are about 20 types of apricot Two types of apricot are more common in India and Pakistan Apricots are great for your digestion Eating apricots cures your gastric infections
Eating apricots keeps your skin on youth for a long time
If you continue to use apricots, you do not have to leave it on your face quickly
Eating apricots helps us to avoid environmental damage Eating apricots protects us from the effects of the sun on our face.


Grapes are mentioned in the Holy Qur’an The grapes are warm You get grapes in different colors Grapes protect you from many diseases Grapes contain fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C. Grapes are very important for the brain of the human body Eating grapes makes your brain faster If you suffer from depression, start eating grapes today Eating grapes speeds up memory Grapes are great for your eyes Eating grapes cures eye diseases Grapes protect you from the effects of aging Using grapes is great for your skin Excessive consumption of grapes does not cause blackheads or whiteheads on your skin.


Pears are good for heart health Pears maintain sugar levels Pears boost immunity
Pears keep blood pressure in moderation Pears are very useful in satisfying hunger The use of pears leads to a strong interest system Pears should be used as much as possible to prevent cancer If a person wants to lose weight, he should use pear Pears contain ingredients that prevent weight gain.


If anyone asks me which is the most powerful fruit, I will answer banana Bananas contain all the nutrients your body needs Banana is the most powerful fruit Bananas are a great source of potassium Eating a banana gives you instant energy People who work hard every day, work harder, feel tired, eat bananas, it will give them instant energy. If you have two bananas a day, you can be sure that you will always be fine Banana is very good for human heart For those whose heart is nervous or have any kind of heart disease, my advice is to eat more bananas.


pineapple have such results that it improves digestion. Food is digested faster Pineapple relieves laziness and sluggishness Pineapple makes the body lighter by eliminating excess fat from the body Pineapple cleanses the blood and improves blood circulation Pineapple relieves headaches and body aches Pineapple enhances the beauty of the skin and reduces the signs of aging Pineapple removes toxins from the body and boosts the immune system Pineapple improves digestion and relieves constipation Their regular use prevents vision loss Eating pineapple makes urine open and the body excretes waste products and stones.


Mulberries are widely eaten because of their usefulness They contain a lot of potassium, magnesium, fiber and potassium Mulberry is useful for keeping our eyes healthy Because they contain a good amount of vitamin C which helps to keep our eyes healthy. The use of mulberry also removes the infections in our eyes People who suffer from eye diseases or people who want to keep their eyes strong should consume as much milk as possible. Patients with high blood pressure are often advised to eat mulberry The use of mulberry causes many changes in your body Using mulberry keeps your skin healthy.


Pomegranate is also mentioned in the Holy Quran
Pomegranate is also called the fruit of heaven Pomegranate protects against heart disease Pomegranate protects our liver Pomegranate keeps the kidneys healthy Pomegranate prevents old age Pomegranate keeps blood pressure within normal range Use of pomegranate prevents infection Eating pomegranate cures psychiatric disorders Pomegranate protects DNA Pomegranate regulates metabolic syndrome Pomegranate protects against diabetes.


Mango is called the king of fruits Eating mango does not make a person old quickly mango protects our body from all types of cancer and asthma Mango fibers cleanse the intestines
People not only eat the people with gusto but also drink their shake mixed with milk with gusto Protects against common bone diseases An excellent example for those with heart disease Eating mango protects against cold and flu
Eating mango removes physical weakness of human body mango produces more and more blood Mango juice is very useful for the liver, heart and brain

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