The usefulness of education

However, today is the age of computer. There is an era of nuclear development, an era of science and industrial development, but the basic modernity in schools in this era, from the head of education, to the age of book development. Moral education is also essential for friendship with humanity. Due to this education, feelings of piety, worship, love, sincerity, selflessness, service to the people, loyalty and compassion are created in life. Ethical education can lead to the formation of a righteous and prosperous society. Qualified teachers are also essential for the attainment of higher education. Not only Tadwa who got rid of his duties by just reading four books and taking some classes but the teacher is the one who is the student.

It awakens the secret abilities of the human being and enriches them with a wealth of awareness, knowledge and thought. Teachers who fulfilled this responsibility well, their students remained grateful to them till their last breath. Are In this context, if we look at the current situation, it will be felt that the teaching profession has also been tainted. The Department of Education and the school administration and the society also agreed on these four books. Until yesterday, the purpose of acquiring knowledge was to build human beings. Today, it is on numbers and marksheets.

But it is unfortunate that the educational institutions of our country have been occupied like vested interests and monarchies for whom the value of this great profession has not been of any importance. Unfortunately, there are also some such elements. There have also been enemies of education who have started such a struggle within our educational system for the fulfillment of their aspirations which has hardly contributed anything but disgrace. But still, just as the people of the outside world understand the importance of education, so too Muslims have never been far from modern education, but the founders of most of the modern sciences are Muslims. By comparison, books written by every Muslim today are included in the curriculum.

Political Interference One issue facing our education system is the undue interference of political leaders in educational institutions. Our national and provincial representatives, as well as members of local councils, are all interested in the appointment and transfer of teachers, and such interventions are likely to intensify whenever a new government is formed. When public representatives are approached in this regard, they rightly justify it by saying that they are compelled. They should not annoy their voters. Unnecessary center of authority Beit The second major issue is the unnecessary centralization of authority.

Pure academic | Whether it is an issue or an administrative issue, everything has to be solved by the center. The curriculum is introduced without local educational needs, classroom issues and teacher feedback. اس | As such, the status of teachers remains a cassette. The instability of education policies is also one of the major reasons for the deterioration of the education system in our country. Non-participation leads to erroneous, inappropriate and out of place decisions, policies are made quickly and change rapidly. In a British parliamentary democracy. It is a common thing to take two years to pass an education act but in our case.

Decisions are made overnight and the same decisions are executed when the Secretary of Education or Education changes. Lack of facilities in educational institutions We have very little education due to which there is lack of basic facilities in government educational institutions. Most academic institutions have a disproportionate number of students and teachers. Sometimes every forty | Students have a principle of providing a teacher. But now the classroom is filled without caring about it due to which the teacher cannot pay individual attention to the student. no . Cleaning of libraries, common rooms, and genealogy houses and furniture and other equipment kept in them | Non-standard and definitely less than that. Thus, due to the lack of educational facilities, we are not able to achieve the desired goals.

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