The upbringing of genocidal children

The upbringing of genocidal children is a high moral act that seeks self-control, sacrifice of desires, endurance of hardships and toil, and sacrifice of life and property.

Selfish narcissists who have had a whole year of individuality and importance may not be as willing to perform this service as they used to be. For sixty or seventy years, the contraceptive movement has been gaining momentum in France.

Enjoying the pleasures of In spite of this, the natural consequence of this action was to avoid miscarriage and miscarriage. There are some who can’t get them everywhere. The result is that there is no such thing as a free-spirited city, town or village where not only people who do not sell contraceptives and equipment in public but also married couples often use these measures and every man and woman It is their wish that the child, that is, the calamity between them,

which is diminishing with all the pleasure and speed, the experts have estimated that this contraceptive will do away with this pleasure, so as not to be disturbed. Root France’s birth rate is estimated to be at least 700,000. Despite these measures, they go to the city together, they are wasted by abortion and thus three to four lakh more people are prevented from coming into the world.

Abortion is performed not only by unmarried women but also by married women. They are on par with him in this matter. Morally, this act is considered objectionable, but a woman’s right. The law has turned a blind eye to this. Although bulls are still a crime in the book of constitution but in practice it is the case that barely one out of 5 gets challaned, and then 5% of those who get challans go to court and get released.

Are Medical treatment for abortion has been made so simple and popular that most women have an abortion on their own and those who cannot afford it have no problem getting medical help. Killing an unborn child has become for them as if this painful mentality has so perverted Mother Nature that the mother whose love has always been the highest source of love has been extinguished.

Today, he has become hateful towards his children. Strictly toothless concluding with the children who are born into the world by avoiding contraception and abortion. 82 Rami is treated. This painful fact is described by the Pole Bureau in the following words: In the coming days, the newspapers continue to publish reports of the suffering of the children who are being severely abused by their parents.

Only extraordinary events are mentioned in the newspapers. But people are aware that usually these children … How cruelly they are treated by the parents of these illiterate guests only because these unfortunate people came and ruined all the pleasures of life. Lack of courage prevents abortion and thus these innocents get a chance to come, but when they come they have to suffer the full punishment. (Reconciliation 2) This indifference and hatred reaches to the point that once a woman is six months old, she puts her body in front of her and dances and sings with joy and says to her peers,

“Now We will not have another child. My husband and I are deeply saddened by the death of this child. See what a child is. It weeps all the time, spreads filth and even man does not get rid of it. Even more tragic is the fact that infanticide is on the rise, and the French government and its courts, like abortion, are paying close attention to this great crime. In February 2012, for example, two girls appeared in a loire court on charges of murdering their children, and both were acquitted.

One of the girls drowned her child. One of her children was already being raised by her relatives and they were ready to raise the other child but she still decided whether to leave the poor or not. In the opinion of the court, his crime was forgivable. Another girl strangled and killed her child. = – ۱۹۱۸ Key between hellf & 1 No nation’s plan can save a nation that reaches this point in the enmity of its race from extinction. The birth of new generations is essential for the continuity of a nation’s existence.

If a nation is the enemy of its own race then it is actually its own demon committing suicide, even if there is no external demon then it is enough to wipe out its own existence. Birth rates throughout the world have dropped dramatically already in recent years. The solar year mortality rate exceeds the birth rate, in some years both are equal and sometimes the birth rate is barely one per thousand more than the mortality rate.

On the other hand, the number of foreign immigrants in mainland France is increasing. As a result, France had a population of 30 million in 1905, of which 307,000 were non-Jews. That being the case, by the end of the twentieth century, the French nation would not be surprised to find itself a minority in its homeland. This is the consequence of an ideology that led to the liberation and women’s rights movement in the early nineteenth century.

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