The role of belief in the Hereafter in the formation of human deeds and its effect on one’s life

Fear of God and Thought of the Hereafter:

Belief in the Hereafter creates in the heart of man the thought of accountability for the Hereafter and the fear of God. Every peacock, firm belief in every step is fresh in his heart and mind that this short life of this world is in fact a time of preparation for the life of the Hereafter, about which the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: The same kind of harvest will be reaped in the Hereafter as the seed will be sown.

Desire for good deeds and hatred of evil:

He will adopt righteousness. He will fear God at all times and will desire to do good and good deeds night and day because he knows that my good deeds are being preserved. Will be presented in the court of Allah. If the scale of good deeds becomes heavy then I will be successful.

Kind treatment of God’s creatures and observance of the rights of worshipers:

One of the benefits of the belief in the Hereafter is that man treats God’s creatures, whether human or animal, well. Always arranges for the payment of dues. He abstains from oppression, theft, robbery, lying, backbiting and immorality of Harnam. Creatures of God, usurpation of the rights of God’s servants, and oppression of the helpless, bribery and extortion of the people and their destruction and ruin. There is no such thing as compassion and benevolence towards man and humanity in his ruthless heart. He becomes a slave to desires and a slave to the lowly world.

Dare to sell one’s head:

Belief in the Hereafter. A person who gives his life in the way of Allah cultivates everlasting life.

The spirit of almsgiving for the sake of Allah is sincere:

The one who has firm belief in the Hereafter extinguishes this world as it is past and unsustainable. The richer he gets, the more he spends in the way of Allah. Because he knows that this unfaithful world is nothing but a spectacle. As much as will be spent in the way of Allah. Life in the Hereafter will be bright.

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