The reason for bringing the hadith to an end?

Why did he choose this hadith as the last hadith? Any other hadeeth of Pak, now one last question arises in the mind of the student that he could have narrated Imam Bukhari as the last hadeeth, why did he choose the same hadeeth?

The narrators have given different answers to this: They say: In the Holy Qur’an, Allah commands His Beloved Salam. And when you rise up, glorify Him with the praise of your Lord. ” Imam Bukhari was dominated by the followers of Sunnah, so when he finished writing the book, he said:

I will follow this verse too, before I get up I will glorify Allah, so he wrote the hadith Tahajjud and then his Work done Habib Salem Kufr Ma Ya: b Some of the narrators said: When the help and support of Allah, the Lord of Glory, came, then Allah praised His Lord, the Exalted, and forgave him. [Al-Nasr: 3] Since B.

Mina was ordered to intervene, similarly when Imam Bukhari also completed his book, he thought that he could not complete the book without the help and support of Allah. Because Allah Almighty had disbelieved His Beloved Spam that when help and help came Tosbeeh Bayan 84 Allah Kar and read Khatta Allah In doing so, Imam Bukhari, as the last hadith, preferred the solution of Shi’ism, so that the glorification of Allah may be recited and the praise of Allah may be recited.

There is one more thing which is to recite Subhan Allah, it averts troubles and troubles from man. Therefore, Imam Bukhari used to say that when the students read the Hadith, they will now return to their homes. Someone will teach there, someone will give a speech, someone will lead, someone will do their own business, then they will be engaged in various activities, then they will have contact with the people.

And when it comes to dealing with the people, there are more problems and difficulties in life, and there are problems in life. ! what I have to do ? Rather, I myself tell them such an action that if they continue to mail, Allah will take them out of their mouths of troubles and Allah Almighty will protect them from their troubles.

Hazrat Yunus (peace be upon him) was the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). He went into the belly of the fish. There he glorified Allah and recited: Gave Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): Note: If it were not for the one who prays in the womb on the day of its expulsion Live in the womb of the day when the dead will be resurrected.

“Praise the NPP and may Allah expel them from the belly of the fish. Similarly, Imam Bukhari knew that sometimes these students would get stuck in the belly of the situation, get stuck in debts and they would not see any way out, they would feel closed all around and then think about it. How do we get out of this fish’s stomach now? If they go on praising and selling Baidullah, then Allah Almighty will take them out of the belly of the fish of their condition, out of the belly of the fish of debt, because of the blessing of this Tasbeeh.

Therefore, the trials coming from Allah Almighty are reduced due to the recitation of Subhan Allah. Saeed says that it reached me that: Had he committed any crime, Hazrat Omar would have told him to be punished. Hazrat Ka’b was a companion, he had visited there. So he said: Subhan Allah ….. ie the criminals of that time were such that even in such a situation they used to remember Allah, they used to remember Allah.

What a wonderful time! When this servant got scared, he killed but he said: Subhan Allah! When he said: Subhan Allah! “Faqal Omar for the executioner: This” Omar said to him: “Leave him alone.” He was asked: Hazrat, why are you smiling? What is the problem? ” Subhan Allah reduced the torment of this servant. So, by reciting Subhan Allah, the trials that come upon the servant end, the torment is averted and Allah Almighty grants mercy.

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