The End of the Universe

We were once visiting a science museum in the United States. There was written a question: What is the fate of the universe? What is the fate of Ka Inat?

“After reading this question, I was a little surprised to see what these people answer. So the scientists there said that in fact when the universe was formed there was an explosion. Scientists call this explosion the Big Bang and the name of this theory is:

Big Bang Theory. And we say that this universe was created by the command of Allah. He said: Yas: 1] The point is that when he intends something, he only says, “Be,” and it is. Since they are atheists, they do not understand this, so they say that there was an explosion and because of this this universe came into existence.

Anyway! It is even true that the universe came into being with an explosion and then it began to expand. The concept of expansion of the universe is also proved by the Holy Qur’an. We have created the heavens and the earth by force, and we are certainly the expanders.

Scientists believe that the universe is expanding, but they say that there will come a time when it will balance somewhere in the distance away from each other, then it will stop and after stopping it will pull back towards the center. Will Like rubber, if it is pulled, it returns to its center when released.

In the same way that what is spreading in the object, there will come a time when it will pull and come back to the center, and when it comes to the center, it will collide with each other and there will be a new explosion.

They call it another big bang. They say: Another big bang is the fate of the universe? “There will be another big explosion after which the universe will end. So what the Shari’a says is that scientists confirm that there will be an explosion and after that this universe will be destroyed. Therefore, Allah has bestowed the details of the Hour on this Ummah in great detail.

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