The eighteenth Century Concept of Freedom

As i have already pointed out in the eighteenth century philosophers scholars Physicists and writers who raised the voice of reform were in fact preceded by a system of civilizations in which various restrictions were imposed .

Were in some respects elastic and pachak 20 date 46 did not have a name which was full of irrational customs static rules and obvious contradictions against reason and nature .

Centuries of continuous decline have made it difficult in every path of development .on the one hand a new intellectual awakening was emerging in the middle class bourgeoisie and creating a fervent desire to more beyond personal struggle and on the other from churches to military and court departments from royal places to farms and financial mansions every sphere of life and every organizations was operating in such a way that it  was merely pre established at the insistence of rights certain classes snatched away the fruits of the labor and talents of the newly emerging people who belonged to the middle class.

It was useless in the face of ignorance for these reasons blind revolutionary zeal arose day by day  among those who demanded reform and change spread and personal freedom become popular in an extremist view aimed at the individual rather than society.

Hurriyat tamdadar abahat had granted absolute divorce it was said that the individual should have the right to do whatever he likes with full autonomy and to have the freedom to refrain from doing whatever he does not like there is no right to take away freedom the duty of the government is only to protect this freedom of the individual and these should be collective institutions only to help men achieve their goals .

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