The effects of polytheism on human life

Universal domination of polytheism:

Modern civilization has spread knowledge and rationalism. He demolished forts for ancient ignorance. I killed the god of compulsion. Breaking all the legitimate and illegitimate bonds of religion and morality, Oham Pari Kushtam  Kyanin.

Revived the old trade of socialism and the Zionist system, built the modern cults of socialism and communism on the basis of classes. The wine was adorned in new bottles of dictatorship with the deceptive labels of modern science, technology and rationalism.

The age we are living in today is the age of global domination of polytheism. There is no country that is free from its domination, no aspect of humanity that is beyond its grasp of tyranny. Muslims all over the world and their team Sovereign governments Under the influence of the system of polytheism There is no aspect of the individual and collective life of Muslims that is free from the impurity of polytheism.

All the forms of polytheism that existed in ancient Jahiliyyah or are found in modern times. Which have permeated all Muslims.

Islam is shirk is a separate religion:

50 three are based on their belief in one hundred degrees. The number of believers is in Aryans.

Do they believe in polytheism? Dehri is their practice. This is the situation of other polytheistic nations. No matter how many differences there may be between them, but the extent to which they are loyal to the nation and their ideology. The campaigns that have taken place will not be equal to the number of traitors of our compatriots.

Even their biggest opponents will not be able to break their ranks on the issue of their national unity and integrity. On the contrary, Allah Almighty has blessed us with a great blessing like the religion of truth. They deny it. There is a contradictory contradiction in our opinion and race.

We are the peace of our religion and the welfare of this world and the hereafter, but our condition is that we sing the songs of its truthfulness with our tongues and we are reluctant to work continuously for the sake of greatness and greatness.

We have the atmosphere of mutual self-sacrifice, sympathy, hard work, mutual cooperation and harmony that is found in the polytheistic nations. The whole nation is in turmoil. This confusion is also in me as a believer and also in a joint character. In our society, there is only humidity or humidity.

There are also among you the deniers of the Sunnah and Muhammad and the unbelievers. Religions are also admirers of the West and are the slaves of socialism and communism, the slaves of the wind and the love of flu doctrine. There are also lovers of mixed society obscenity and nudity and also the guardians of the ancient Wajid-e-Jadeed polytheistic ignorance. Loyal, everything we do is for show and pretense, there is truth in what we say and I see no evil in it.

We are behind such leaders who follow their own desires from the people and there is no sign of truth. We take pride in imitating others. In enforcing the rule of tyranny, we strengthen the parties which have no other goal in front of them except to gain power, who propagate their polytheistic ideology.

The religion is not ready to accept any restriction of Sharia. And that which has become the brick of the polytheistic powers of the world for their nefarious purposes and belongs to them and to the nation. MAM It is a great honor for her to work for such a cause.

Not only do we have a deep resemblance to the polytheists in our thinking, style of economy and society and our style of politics and government, but our position in all these spheres of life is also imitated. ۔ In all matters of life, we acknowledge the polytheistic powers as our leaders and imams.

There is no difference between us and the polytheists except the name. In our case, the Prophet’s prophecy comes true word for word: “You will be as equal to the first nations as arrows to arrows. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: The Hour will not come until a group of my ummah is aware of the polytheists and that many people of my ummah worship idols.

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