The difference between urban and rural life

There are many villages, hamlets, towns and cities in Pakistan which are famous for their taxi features. About 55% of the people in Pakistan live in rural areas and about 45% live in urban areas. There is a big difference between rural and urban life. The countryside offers a variety of natural foods that are not available in the city. Urban life is better in many respects and rural life is better in many respects.

City Life

If you look at the city life, there are various facilities in the city. All the necessities of life can be easily found. The city also has schools, colleges, universities, religious and technical schools, and scientific experiments. In this modern world all kinds of facilities can be obtained in urban life such as electricity, water, gas, mobile phone etc.

There is an opportunity to learn civility in civic life. Hospitals are open day and night in the city. All the comforts of home life are readily available, but not everything is available in rural areas Food and drink are always available in the city. In the city, hotel packaging equipment, accessories, utensils and utensils are easily available. People living in cities are always aware of national and local conditions and events. For entertainment, gardens, cinemas, etc., all facilities are available only in urban areas. To get around, Pantesar can only be seen in urban areas. In addition, in urban areas, a common man can easily get a government or non-government job as there are many opportunities for small and large scale business in the city. There is a lot of car smoke and rubbish in the city, which gives rise to many springs.

Village Life

On the other hand, many facilities are not available in rural areas. The people of the villages are very simple pseudonyms and counting. In the villages, almost everything is found pure, such as curd, butter, ghee, etc. Living in the open air here is also good for health. The livelihood in the villages is such that one has to earn a living by working hard. That includes women and children. Therefore, the health of the people is much better than that of the citizens. The farmer is our backbone. If there were no farmers, our factories and factories would be closed today. As the moral atmosphere in the countryside is better than in the cities, the people of the countryside do the literature of the elders and are less skilled in deception. They are very religious. The women of the village are very helpful and devoted. The fields and crops in the countryside and the beautiful and beautiful scenery of the morning soothe the heart and mind. That is why the death of the villagers is better. Just as there are some evils and evils in urban life, there are also evils and defects in rural life. Government and environmental institutions should address the evils in urban and rural areas.

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