The concept of nation


From Fur, human life begins and then this circle expands. The individual is born in the early stages in the form of a very helpless child. He cannot even move his arms and legs. Your food and He needs others for development. But then he goes through different stages and takes the form of a strong and powerful human being. And Ashraf assumes the status of a creature. If we look at the initial stage of man, then man cannot even think how he has reached the great place of being helpless and weak and taking care of the hands of others.


The baby first opens its eyes at home. Where his parents, sister and brother are the center and focus of his eyes. The child’s initial training takes place in the house and within the walls. What he sees in the house is forever imprinted on his mind. Therefore, the home environment and especially the love and affection of the mother puts the whole life of the child in one direction. And it makes him a useful member of society. It is a fact that the training of mother and home plays an important role in the personality of adults.


Books are a child’s first training ground after receiving a basic education from a parent. Where his mind is molded into a new mold, he is given the initial training of practical life. At this age, the effects of Jotar Bait are permanent. If children find good and capable teachers in books, they can turn their lives around and make them proud citizens of a civilized nation.


When a child reaches the age of puberty, it is associated with the mosque. The mosque plays an important role in character building and civilization. Here one gets practical training in brotherhood, equality and honesty. Obedience in the child by following the Imam is rich. Feelings of time constraint and discipline develop. If significant benefits are reaped from this center, the very fabric of Islamic society will change.


The child, after reaching the house, books and the mosque, finally steps within the boundaries of the society. Now the relationship spreads from a few people to many people. The training he received at home, school and mosque, now is the time to put it into practice. Even outside the realm of love and good manners, it now begins to be involved. Now, after acquiring rights, duties are also imposed on it. With the payment of which he is able to live a happy life. Then he is tied to the marriage bond and after the birth of children he is openly reduced in the society.

World of Islam:

After completing all these stages, the child finally becomes a member of the Islamic world. He has forgotten all the distinctions and prejudices of race, caste and tribe and has started considering Muslims all over the world as his brother. And expresses feelings of joy and deprivation in his sorrows and joys. And thus the world of Islam comes into being by uniting all individuals in a series of religions and nations.

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