The changes of the nineteenth century

The French Revolution took place under the influence of this concept of freedom.

In this revolution many old moral ideologies and cultural and religious norms were blown up and when their flight proved to be a source of progress, the revolutionaries and magistrates concluded from it that every ideology and every code found What is already going on,

is an obstacle in the way of progress, one cannot move forward without removing it. So soon after Becky broke the false principles of ethics, her critical critique turned to the basic concepts of human ethics.


What is infidelity? Why is the trouble of piety finally put on this youth? What goes wrong if one falls in love with someone without marriage?

And after marriage does the heart go out of the heart of the addict? From this notion of individual freedom came the present system of capitalism, the democratic system of civilization, and the licentiousness, and for almost a century it And so much oppression has taken place in America that humanity has been forced to rebel against it,

because this system has slaughtered the welfare of the good by giving license to the individual to act selfishly against the interest of the party and to destroy the party life. done .

Both socialism and fascism are manifestations of this uprising. But there is a flaw in this new construction from the beginning. This is actually a cure for one extreme from the other.

The fault of the 18th century concept of personal training was that he sacrificed the congregation for the individual and the fault of the similar 18th century concept of congregation was that he wanted to sacrifice the journey to the congregation.

A balanced view of the well-being of humanity, it is as unproductive today as it was in the eighteenth century.

And if you are my grandfather Ram be Ach That the right to love be taken away? Such questions arose from all sides in the new revolutionary society, and especially the romantic school raised them with the utmost force.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Dorjeson George (Sand) was the leader of the group. Established independent relations outside of marriage. Eventually there was separation from husband.

After that, she changed from friend to friend and lived with someone for more than two years. In her biography, at least six such men are named. One of his friends also praises him in the following words:

Georges first catches a butterfly and traps it in a flower cage. There is a time of love for her. Then she starts touching him with her forest and enjoys her fluttering.

Then she breaks it down, analyzes it, and adds it to the grain that she uses as a hero for her novels.

He was one of her lovers, and in the end he was so heartbroken by her infidelity that at the time of her death he bequeathed to her that George should not be present at her funeral.

This was the personal character of this woman who, for almost thirty years, had a profound effect on the young generation of France with her fresh writings.

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