The British occupied the Punjab in 1849

You would be surprised to know that education in Punjab was 100% at that time. Lettner was also a strange character. He knew 50 languages. He spoke Arabic, Turkish and Persian like the natives. He had been a Muslim for some time.

He grew a beard and named himself Abdul Rashid Sayyah and toured all Islamic countries. He used to offer prayers in mosques. The viceroy invited him to India and gave him the responsibility of changing the education system of Punjab He visited and wrote to the Viceroy, ‘I will need 50 years to make educated Punjab ignorant’. The Viceroy gave him 50 years, made him Inspector General of Schools Punjab.

He later founded the Punjab University. He was the initial head of both these institutions. And give a book of Gurmukhi and receive six annas. ”He also introduced a scheme like this and collected books and arms from all over the Punjab. done.

The children of feudal lords and landlords were also given the responsibility of suppressing the middle class by imparting English medium education. William Lettner’s plan worked and made the whole of Punjab uneducated and ignorant in 30 years instead of 50. Lettner wrote in his own handwriting. “I visited the whole of Punjab.

There is no literate person here today. ”He gave the example of a village in Sialkot called Chooriyan Kalan. And these too will be merged in a few years. Lettner learned Urdu while living in Punjab and then wrote the history of Islam in Urdu in two volumes.

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