The benefits of figs

Hazrat Abul Dardar narrates that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUM) in the service of appeal, a plate full of figs came from somewhere. He said to us, “Eat.” We ate from it. Then he said, If possible I would say that this is the action because it is definitely the fruit of heaven, eat from it it eliminates hemorrhoids and arthritis (useful in joint pain).

This ratio of figs, colostrum, starch, calories, sodium, calcium, magnesium, steel, copper, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine and common chemicals makes it a reliable food. Burning one gram gives 66 calories of heat. This amount of calories negates the common notion that dates or figs are hot in terms of effectiveness.

Vitamin A is abundant, while B compounds are modest. According to medical research, Papillon is a diuretic, so it is useful for chronic constipation, asthma, cough and whitening. Eat five grains daily for chronic constipation. While three grains are enough to reduce obesity, doctors have also mentioned figs in the treatment of smallpox. In smallpox or many other diseases, since figs increase the body’s immunity and reduce the inflammation of inflammation, the use of figs, regardless of inflammation, is justified.

An ingredient in the popular Greek medicine, saffron bursa, is made by rubbing poppy figs into rose water and applying it on the spots of the year, while half a sixth of figs are also given with food. It has been described by the authorities as a million, astringent. It strengthens the spleen and spleen, removes inflammation, relieves chest pain, and is useful in epilepsy, paralysis, convulsions and asthma. Hemorrhoids can be treated with almonds and walnuts. Relieves kidney weakness.

The synthesis of food digestion elements in figs is very good. There is no better medicine for people whose intestines are always rotting. Their function can be judged by the fact that When applied to raw meat, the meat melts in two hours so much that it can be broken with the fingers. Used for the term vasodilators, often an increase in blood pressure is caused by thickening of the blood vessels. The arteries become narrow and lack of blood in the brain makes the patient semi-conscious or paralyzed. The limbs also have a paralytic condition. Pin was considered a symbol of protection and generous provision.

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