Summary of Taraweeh

* First paragraph *

There are five things in this passage:
1. Human types
2. The miracle of the Qur’an
3. The story of the creation of Adam (peace be upon him)
4. The condition of the children of Israel
5. The story of Hazrat Ibrahim (as)

1. There are three types of human beings: believers, hypocrites and infidels.
The five attributes of believers are mentioned:
1- Faith in the unseen 2- Staying in prayer 3- Spending 4- Faith in books 4- Belief in the hereafter

There are many characteristics of hypocrites mentioned: lying, deception, unconsciousness, heart disease, hypocrisy, mockery of divine commandments, sedition and mischief, ignorance, misguidance, hesitation.
He said about the disbelievers that their hearts and ears are sealed and their eyes are covered.

2. The miracle of the Qur’an:
In the surahs in which the greatness of the Qur’an is mentioned, there are syllables at the beginning to indicate that these words form your word as well as the word of Allah, but you are unable to make a word like the word of Allah.

3. The story of Hazrat Adam (peace be upon him):
Allah’s making Adam (as) the caliph, angels calling man corrupt, Allah giving Adam (as) knowledge, angels confessing ignorance, angels making Adam (as) prostrate, denying Satan and then being rejected In Paradise, Adam and Eve were deceived by Satan and then man was given the Khilafah of the earth.

4. The condition of the children of Israel:
Their disbelief is a blessing and Allah’s curse is upon them.

5. The story of Hazrat Ibrahim (as):
Hazrat Ibrahim (PBUH) together with his son to build the Kaaba and then to accept it from Allah Almighty and then to repent and seek forgiveness.

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