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Severe itching on the toes.

Eight years ago, when I was in school, one of my classmates was sitting next to me. The only problem he had was that he had this disease only in winter and he had severe allergic itching on his toes. It has been eight years since I contracted that disease. Every winter I have severe allergic itching on my toes which is unbearable for me. I used many ointments and medicines but to no avail.

Answer: This disease is also called foot mildew which Occurs only in winter. Symptoms: Severe itching of the skin between the toes The affected area turns red and becomes sore. With proper treatment, the fungus spreads to other parts of the body. Precautions: Keep feet dry. Take off shoes and socks at least five times a day, wash your feet with water and dry them thoroughly. Use more prescription. Hwa Lashafi 20 grams of rust oxide, 20 grams of uric acid, 10 grams of sulfur amla sar, 20 grams of salicylic acid, 5 grams of carbolic acid, 200 grams of Vaseline plain. Mix well and dissolve together. Do not take these medicines at once and keep them in a box before resolving. Take a little ointment and apply it well on the body. If you apply it in the morning, you can apply it in the evening. This recipe is very useful for psoriasis psoriasis itching.

Suffering from tremor disease!

suffering from tremor disease! I had high blood pressure about two years ago, which caused me to have tremors in my left arm. It often starts to move a lot, which makes the heart feel very fast and the left leg also hurts. I am currently using English medicine due to which the stomach often does not feel well. ۔ He used to work in a hotel but quit his job due to illness. Please prescribe me some medicine so that I can lead a normal life.

Answer: Readers! The medicine I am describing now is fresh and original. In particular, white sandalwood filings should be genuine. The recipe is unanswered and elixir. Whoever used it found it useful. Synthesis and use: Hwalshafi: Red Irani Asli, Isrol or Chhoti Sandalwood, Dry Gum Kikr Kishneez Dry. Make tablets equal to gram. Dosage: 2 tablets 4 times a day. If the disease is less, use 2 tablets three times a day, otherwise use 2 tablets in the morning and evening with water one hour before or two hours after meal. At the same time, if there is compulsion, I will not need to use medical medicine. For tremors, mix roasted gram husk and naqi with equal weight and keep it in your pocket. You can eat as much as you want from time to time at intervals all day long.


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