Slavery is a curse

God has made man a being who has freedom and sovereignty in his nature. It has created intellect and consciousness. It has been given all the national outward and inward.

Their use has given it power. He has been given the understanding of the beginning of every work and the thought of its end, so that he may think of the beginning and end of every work himself. It is built on such a nature.

That he needs to provide for himself all the things. Indicates Proved the Muslims of the government of On the prostration, I have gone to the western Li Garh in English.

The spirit of Re-Lashrik, as it was the intention of the previous Sane, that it should be the master of itself. Slavery is against the will of all these things, or so to speak, and therefore cannot be in accordance with the will of God. In fact, nothing is more oppressive than natural goodness (which is the source of all goodness).

Slavery is the root of all evils and the mother of all immorality and the enemy of all moral goodness. Would the Holy Lord justify such an unclean thing in favor of man? Would God like to destroy all the attributes that He has created in man from the state of slavery? Would all these subtle sayings that God has created in man to be useful to God be acceptable to others?

While Ada Kho Walham has revealed that all men are my slaves and all women are my slaves. Would he have been happy to have a partner? La wa Allah ya Allah ant wa Hadak freedom which is the natural right of every human being, slavery is exactly going to destroy it. Violation of natural rights is real oppression and gross injustice.

So man may be guilty of such errors, because he is not incapable of sin, but God cannot be the embodiment of such an idea.

He is free from all errors and free from all constructions. There is nothing wrong with saying that slaves should be kept in comfort and brought up with compassion and love.

It’s just a mistake and a head-to-head deception. Allami is a natural sin in itself and keeping them abusive is another sin. So nothing is more terrible than natural sin. Slavery is destructive of all moral humanity.

Conditions of slaves and their intellect and habits:

They degrade from human condition to animal condition and those who enslave, by force and injustice, degrade human beings who are noble morals. In the state of slavery, all the powerful human beings, whom God has made the means of development, become suspended and useless, and their condition develops them in every way, the development of which is the will of the Almighty, the Lawgiver of Nature.

Yes, it is forbidden.

The power of hard work, which God has created in man with the intention that man should spend only for his own progress and well-being, is utterly lost in slavery, because there is no labor for them.

Love and affection are the lifeblood of a young person and on which the welfare of both religion and the world depends.

One of the natural pleasures of the nation is that it is completely absent from the slaves, because they do not own anything, not even their own , Very ambitious and vulgar – worse. Since the slaves have no right in the world except for food and clothing, they are unaware of all the rights that God has created for one human being over another, and therefore some of them

They do not know the value of and they have the right to sin and hurt others. He has said that the slave age is a creature of the present, because its condition is not capable of development. This future is really a repetition of the past for them.

They have nothing but hunger and anger in human power: nothing more than the Absolute Beast in foresight and foresight, the power that God Almighty has given man to keep his desires in moderation, he enslaved.

The state disappears and so the slaves are completely overwhelmed by the meanest desires and pleasures and the garden of restraint of self-control is not under their control. It is a very true statement that the state of slavery corrupts the thoughts and morals of the slaves.

They are oppressed by the oppression of their birth, injustice and therefore know very little about justice and human rights. His madrassa is Iranian and riotous.

All their rights are lost and therefore the privileges of others are violated and lost, as if they are deprived and for this reason stealing, lying is their daily work and its evil and sinfulness is theirs. Explaining is out of the question. So their condition becomes as if all their national transitions and morals have been lost.

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