Seed sacrifice

What is a tree? Sacrifice of a seed. When a beach is ready to die on its own, it is impossible for a lush tree to stand on the ground. That some bricks when for it. They are ready to bury themselves in the ground forever, then something called a house emerges. The same is true of the construction of human life.

Building the future of humanity is possible only when some people agree to see themselves without a future. Development of the nation. Occurs when some people deliberately underdevelopment themselves. Construction by Sacrifice This is a universal law of nature and it does not change. The same principle of nature is also for the material world and the same principle of nature is also for the human world. In building itself there is one dome and one foundation.

The dome is visible to everyone but the base is invisible to anyone. Because it is buried in the ground. But this is the invisible foundation on which the whole building and its dome stand. This is also the case with nation building. Sacrifices are for a man to fight with zeal and give his life.

Sacrifice is to bury oneself in an obscure part of a fruitful process, to devote one’s effort to a work in which one gains wealth or fame. There is no price to be paid in the form. Those who act for the future, not for the present, the development and success of a nation always depends on such people. These are the people who form the basis of a nation’s future Provide.

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