Red Rose:

Flowers are an invaluable gift not only does it looks good but it also has many benefits.

when flowers attract people ,flowers also become a source of love for people ,

There is a special rose in it which people like very much and people love it is called Red Rose .

This rose is very sweet and very heart touching .

It is red in color and many people like it .

Its specialty is that its essence is extracted and put in the eyes.

Yellow Rose:

The yellow rose also looks very beautiful and pretty .

Many people do not like it because they believe it is a sign of hearted I think this is wrong because love is in heart not in giving roses.

White Rose:

This rose is a very beautiful rose and people believe that this rose is a sign

of purity .

Many people give these roses to each other like red rose because they believe that it removes the hatreds and distances in the heart.

This rose purifies the heart.

This rose is very popular.

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