Reality Of Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day which is celebrated with great fanfare in the world. no onw knows what the reality of this festival is and whether it is permissible for a Muslims to Celebrate and Participate in it.

it originated 1700 years ago and was than a polytheistic festival .

At that time it was ruled by priests.

The king sent the priest to prison for disobedience .

He was introduced to a jailer’s daughter .

He fell in love with her until she converted to christianity and forty five of her relatives became christians.

The girl came to visit him with a Red Rose.

When the saw the matter he ordered his execution .

When the pastor found out he decided to have his last moments with his mistress.

The pastor sent his mistress a card with the inscription “Sincere Valentine’ and he was hanged on February 14,270.

Since then is many European Sattlments It has became customary for boys to issue girl’s card every year on this day.

After a while ,the pastors changed the name of the previous text to pastor Valentine

They did this so that he could remember Valentine and his mistress every year.

Today young boys and girls around the World celebrate this day with great fanfare Valentine cards are sent in this occasion especially red roses are offered .

Happy Valentine day gifts and souvenirs are exchanged.

Thus, this day is a source of pornography for young boys and girls.

Unfortunately Muslims Society is not immune.

This is purely pagan Christian Faith .

In which the memory of an infidel personality is refreshed .

it is not permissible for a Muslim to celebrate this Valentine’s Day to attend his party to congratulate him or to offer and kind of flower or gifts .

Allah Says(interpretation of the meaning)

Those who spread immorality among the Muslims, for them is a painful torment in this world and in the Hereafter.

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