Modern day shirk

In addition to the power of modern science and technology, modern polytheism has tremendous political power. Western imperialism, communist colonialism and Zionism are its pioneers. Global Zionism is the source of all modern evils of polytheism and the source of all evil. The fact is that Zionism is all over the world, America and Russia are in its hands, Europe and Africa are under its control and all the governments of Asia are dancing to its tune. Zionism is, in fact, an invisible state and government of the homeless. No country or nation is free from its effects.

Shirk is as aggressive and powerful today as it was before. The grip of polytheism today. As strong as it is on human beings, it has never been so strong before. In the face of polytheism, human beings are as helpless and compelled as they are today. At no time in history has he been so compelled, and all this has been due to the global dominance of Yahweh and its power, given by the modern science and technology far from gambling.

Muslims also have a glorious history of eradicating and countering polytheism, whose faith and Islam depend entirely on the denial and opposition of polytheism, and whose justification for its existence and its recognition is based on polytheism, polytheistic laws and Shirk has adopted traditions and customs like a mother lion. Global Zionism has enslaved the Muslim masses through its own government, political and religious leaders, and their arrogant and conceited peoples. ۔ In some places, kings, sheikhs and military dictators have been instrumental in this, and in other places, they have enslaved the Muslims by forcibly imposing anti-Muslim minorities.

Shirk is a separate religion

Among the number of its believers in the world, the followers of polytheism are extremely weak in their belief. They act according to what they believe. No matter how wrong they may be in believing this and believing it. There is a tension in their words and deeds. Victory is their belief. Japan is the land of eight hundred thousand gods, but the polytheists of this country are extremely loyal to their ideology. No matter how many differences there may be among them, the number of traitors to the nation and the homeland will not be equal in them. But the case of Muslims is the opposite.

Allah Almighty has blessed us with a great blessing like the religion of truth. This religion is perfect, perfect and perfect in all respects. But our situation is that we sing the song of its truthfulness with our tongues but we deny it with our deeds. There is a great deal of contradiction in our words and deeds. We are reluctant to work hard for the glory of our religion. We do not have the atmosphere of mutual self-sacrifice, sympathy, hard work, mutual cooperation and consensus that is found in the polytheistic nations. The whole nation is in turmoil.

This confusion is also in the belief and thought as well as in the flower and the character. In our society, there is a lot of humor. We also have the deniers of the Sunnah and the seals and the unbelievers. Religion is also a fan of the West and the proponents of socialism and communism, the slaves of the air and the love of superstition. There are also lovers of mixed society obscenity and nudity and priests of ancient and modern polytheistic ignorance also assume that the Muslim society is presenting the scene of a zoo in which Muslims of Hartam are found. Loyal and not of the nation and homeland.

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