Man is in the loss

, A king was happy on one thing and gave a person to authority to give the land circle as far as he had to become the sun, he will be given the land, and if he could not complete the scope, and the sun would not get anything. He was able to hear this offer, he went to Zorism, he believed that the return of the return will start to start the greed, thought that he thought a little bit more.

Then the idea of return to the return, he thought that he would have added her to the happiness of his face, he started adding her happiness, it was quite late, as soon as the sun started the race as soon as possible, the sun was still so fast, the sun was starting to be slow, after the sun was started to go to the sun. The person started running, because he saw everything else hand. Now he was curing his greed, but it was very late now running his breeding was radiated from the pain. But he was that the sun was going to fall, the sun was falling on the ground, and it was touching the stars point of this game and was completing the fear of the foot.

So his body completed the circle. The place where he had dropped, his grave was made. There was a plate on the grave, which was written. “The need for this was just as much as possible,” It is a slavery, “Valentine, the Al-Qona Khaff Khair … Surely Man is definitely in a loss. (Surah al-Aqsar, verse 3) Today our circle has become very big, think of the return. Before it is late. !! Allah gives us a great manifest preparation before death. When a tent is not compliant with the command of his owner, he remains a matter of unusual and unusual and disorder. The biggest reason for mental conflicts and disorders in this present is that we have forgotten the affairs assigned by the real estate … If you want comfort, welfare and salvation, fulfill the duties. . .

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