Man and tolerance of trust

We presented the trust to the easy people, the earth and the mountains, that they might bear it. There is also and forget.

That Allah may punish the hypocrites and the hypocrites and the polytheists and the polytheists and show mercy and kindness to the believers and the believers and Allah is the Most Forgiving, the Most Forgiving.Hazrat Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-Aas said: The first place in the human body is the water of the private parts.

The eye is the trust and in which the trust is not observed (it does not have faith). Hazrat Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: Trust means obedience and the duties which Allah has imposed on His servants. will give .

The implication of all these sayings is that trust refers to the Shari’ah commands and prohibitions and the heavens and earth refers to the heavens and the earth. This is the view of Ibn ‘Abbas and most of the Salaf. They will be recompensed for their disobedience. Punishment will be given to them.

We cannot bear with these necessities. O Lord, we seek reward in obedience to Your knowledge. Rather, because of fear and reverence for the religion of God, they feared that if the religion of God could not be fulfilled with us, they would be tormented. He was stubborn and he was stubborn. It was optional to bear the request of trust from Allah. It was not necessary. It was stated in:

Opponents say that first the heavens responded and said that we are obedient but this is not our only reason because in case of non-compliance the danger is very great. Then it was said to the earth that if it descends, I will bless it with good deeds, but it said that it is in every way obedient, that I will make it perfect, but it is beyond measure.

Then it was said to the mountains. We should be forgiven for this because we cannot bear the trust. Then Adam (peace be upon him) was asked. 443 prevents the people from going beyond the limits of Shariah. The purpose of the Shari’ah rules is to nurture anger and sexual power.

On the basis of this interpretation, Beizawi said that obedience to the divine life is an oil that if offered to bear it from the heavens and the earth and the mountains, they would also refuse to carry this load and would be scared, but man has weakened his physical constitution. And because of the lack of power, it will be lifted. Inevitably, Jos will pay the dues in full and keep the verses in mind at all times.

He will surely be successful and he will have welfare.Almighty Allah has interpreted them as Khilafah in many places. Siamant is a very important and heavy burden. In order to conceive of it, Allah Almighty has said that the heavens and the earth, in spite of all their greatness and in spite of their enormous size and strength, had the strength and courage to lift it. But the weak man, Naheen, has taken a heavy toll on his life.

This promise is presented to the heavens and the earth and they may refuse to carry it and may be afraid that it may be in the literal sense and may be expensive if it is said in the language of metaphor. Neither I nor I can know the relation of Allah Almighty with His taluqat. Just as the earth and the sun and the moon and the mountains are dumb, deaf and lifeless for us, it is not necessary for Allah to be like them. Inshapi can talk to every heart and she can answer you.

Therefore, it is quite possible that he actually presented this burden to them and they trembled when they saw it and they are their own master and creator. To be able to take his freedom and pay his dues and in case of non-payment of dues, your punishment should be borne in such a way that we find our goodness in being the helpless servant of the government.

We do not have the courage to disobey the fact that before our present life, the human race has been presented to us by Allah Almighty by creating another kind of existence and He has shown His willingness to assume these powers. We have no argument to justify this.

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