Literature and Cultural Traditions

It is necessary to analyze the authenticity and reality of the tradition and its true meaning. Traditions are formed over time in every sphere of life of the nation and every country.

There is something in human life, some of the values, some of the ideas that everyone agrees on and the people who consider them as their ideals, they are called traditions. Civilization and then the name of their combination and all these are formed as a result of the geographical conditions of a nation Altari Pani Rehman and the various Chinese and emotional influences on it.

The point is that the greatness and superiority of every nation is based on its traditions. And are the essence of civilization and culture. Literature is a sphere of human life and the most important factor in the cultural capital of a nation is its literature.

The reflection of a nation’s habits and customs, thoughts and ideas, ego nature and tendencies in its literature which -Simplicity can be found even in Yi A with mail 3 and cannot be found in anything else. It is as if it now mirrors all its features.

This is the reason why all the traditions nurtured in different walks of life are reflected in the literature and with the help of all these traditions the literature of the nation also builds its own traditions. These traditions are not built on a specific time, but are fermented over time and become permanent over time.

Even in literature, their status becomes the same as that of the pillars in a building, on which the foundation of the building is laid. These traditions are of great importance in literature, because the temperament of literature, its principles, manners and different ways of life are formed, deteriorated, survived and progressed with them.

The literature of every nation and every country has a bad climate. It is eye-opening and nurturing in a particular kind of social environment, so it is certain and necessary that all the traditions that are built in literature should be in tune with these conditions. This means that the traditions of literature are born under the influence of the temperament, temperament and tension of this nation and are brought up in the arms of different peoples.

They can be done. If one ignores them and tries to look at this literature separately from them, then one can neither understand the true spirit of this literature nor can he make any progress in this literature.

Because ignoring these traditions not only ignores the temperament of this literature, but also puts these principles behind it. No literature can survive without strong and living traditions, so the greatness of Haradab depends to a large extent on the strength and vitality of traditions.

Literature in which traditions are not strong is like a picture which has no background. It is a matter of course, and even the greatest progressives and innovators have to agree that the civilizations and civilizations of every age do not advance in space, but have to rely on their past.

The deer civilization is based on the old civilization. New to new ritual Newer and newer fashions are forced to lay their foundations on shamans. However, there are some basic things in life that cannot be ignored at any time and in any year. If they are not supported and candles are not made,

it is not possible to take a single step forward. The pages of world historyTurn the page and look at the history of every sphere of life. You will not find a single instance where people did not benefit from their past from the basics of those whose corpses are eternal. I have reached them.

The color of the past, no matter what it may be, is the present and the future. Well, it means that Sati lives and civilization is forced to use the past, but he is not dead because he likes this thing of the past and she takes it to me in P-Adarsh ​​or constitution, so do not have .

The things of the past are in those thoughts, principles and values; There are joys and even those who can’t sleep with qaza are adopted. For the descendants of the forefathers, such ideas are definitely left in principle and value. With the help of intelligence and medicine, new flowers bloom in life and thus life and its caravan of civilization developed and evolved and so on, because it is also related to human life and civilization. Is .

Its upbringing continues on any of the highways. It is overshadowed by the specific culture of the nation. All its remnants fit into the mold of specific social conditions of all times. Thus, in every age, along with civilization, traditions are also formed in literature and their history becomes a series.

These traditions of literature reflect the basic characteristics of religion, culture and social conditions, because as has been said, their goodness comes from now on, it is they who prepare their monster and give them a permanent shape and they With the help of Yash, most of their lives are maintained and their existence takes place. Completion and development of traditions, although a specific culture;

It is at the hands of a certain social environment and a certain kind of situation, but once it has taken place, the changes in the cultural environment and conditions also depend to some extent on these traditions and in the growth and development of literature. The importance of those who do less is slim in its place.

Literature is always on the path of evolution and development along with the pace of changing circumstances. Traditions show him the way. He keeps an eye on her every step and every movement. If he goes astray, she will be welcomed. If Wood is still astray, she will stop him from going astray.

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