Life-changing things

More than time on the tree
When it bears fruit, its branches
Begin to break

  1. When a person gets more than time, he starts breaking up relationships
    * End *
    Gradually the tree loses its fruit

Choose your words wisely. When you are talking, your words, your family address, your mood and your
Are giving training address

* The child understands when he grows up
That Dad’s restrictions were right
And thus after the death of the servant
It will be understood that the restrictions of his Lord were right

* Life is a cup of tea
A little is a spoonful
Add sugar to the bitterness of the taste
Be removed
Life has to take a sip until the last moment of life
No matter how bitter
Be done

* Tahajjud but do not talk to his brother
Every good deed is done but backbiting
Don’t leave your good deeds in a bag with a hole in it

* If you each other
When the deeds are known, do not bury one another
. Give thanks for hiding your faults and make it a habit to hide the faults of others because the evils are in you and the tongues are in others.

* Some people pray for themselves all night in heaven
Ask. But of others
He made life, hell
Has happened

* We can’t peek into anyone’s heart, they can’t know
Who is so sincere with us but time and attitude soon make us realize this

* For your part, try hard, work hard, the right and legitimate way
Choose and pray
Be optimistic and the result
Leave it to the Almighty

* Fear of people with long tongues
There is no point in making a fuss
But be afraid of those who suffer because they give up the matter.

* If you are thinking that … everything is getting out of your hands and the conditions are not right for you then once
Be sure to think of the tree that loses all its leaves one by one but still stands. In the hope that … the days of spring will come

* I find it so strange … that people of our lives
Read a page and write a whole book about us

کیسےHow can one think that there will be no reckoning that he will be forgiven, remember he will have to give reckoning. A tear, a tear. After the rights of anguish, indifference and cruelty
The issue of rights of worship is also very strict

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