Kinds of Pollution

The organism’s self-dispersing waste products that are harmful to it are called contaminants. There are three types of pollution. Air pollution Environmental pollution.

Airborne can work for a maximum of two or three years. His led adlr duet logspo ditid com his backs become useless he suffers from a deadly and deadly disease like cancer … his family starts starving and starts dying from starvation. The head of this house turns the chunks and in the end destruction and ruin becomes the destiny of this house. The smoke from the factory is not only harmful to the workers but also to the people living nearby. Owners of factories and industries who make a profit of millions of rupees every month cannot afford to spend a few thousand rupees on special holidays. These people are playing with human lives for their own benefit. Is there no one to ask them? On the Day of Resurrection, they will be held accountable for what you did with human lives for your own benefit. Then they may have no answer. sion blogsp The smoke from salesmen, cars and motorcycles is also highly toxic which is no less than the factories and industries in polluting the air.

Use of vehicles

Use of vehicles If there are five people in a household, they will have only five vehicles, each with its own vehicle Play an important role in polluting. If we burn a little on foot, it will be good for our health and pollution will not play.

Use of shopping bags

If there is a small thing to be taken, then first of all, ie without paying any money, there are adition and shopping bags are demanded and then this plastic envelope is thrown away. The collector collects the envelopes and sets them on fire in the rubbish heap. When the envelope is found, the poisonous smoke starts to spread in the air. It is better if we use cloth bags instead of envelopes because there is no such pollution.

Environmental pollution

Due to the spread of income, severe deforestation, loss of fertile land, massive increase in industries, increase in vehicles, etc., and other such items are all contributing to the dangerous increase in environmental pollution.

Spray of Medicine

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of pesticides are very harmful to crops. When these conditions are metered, time absorbs them and the crop that goes on and on and on and on and on Diseases come to Jantar and human lives begin to end. After conducting a ground survey, it was found that earlier when the pesticide was not applied, the cotton flower was thicker and thicker, but now the crops are bigger but the cotton stalks are not as thick as before.

Effects of toxic water

Effects of toxic water The stench of cities, industries and factories and the filthy material are all dumped in rivers and streams. This makes the water poisonous. That is why the water of camels and rivers is polluted. Wonder urdueci According to a survey, all the filth of Lahore’s industries and factories and all the filth and water of the city are dumped in the river Ravi. From which all the water has been poisoned. The land is becoming barren because of this dirty water. Earlier it was said that flowing water is seven but now this situation is no more. According to scientific research, even flowing water is not free from pollution. When industrial waste is dumped in rivers without being treated. So they somehow get inside the human body in the form of germs and dangerous kind of lovebirds are born. Children and the elderly are more affected by these. These cuts include cancer, brain preparations, patch preparations, eye cuts and others. According to the Planning Commission, 40% of deaths in Pakistan are due to consumption of potatoes.

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