Definition of Interest

In Arabic, interest is called “riya,” which literally means to be high, to grow, and to rise. And by defining usury (usury) in Eastern terms, one can borrow money on the condition that he will increase some amount at the right time. For example, if a person gives a loan of Rs. 100 for five months in a year, then he bets that he will take Rs.

Bank interest:

Some people take loans from banks for trade or agriculture and repay them at fixed interest rates.

Use of immovable property

One of the types of interest that is found in common people is that a man lends some money to a poor person, and mortgages his house, then in it. Either he takes advantage of it while living or he rents it out and eats the rent himself. Not only ordinary people but also people with educated and religious temperament are involved in such business.

Interest of committee etc.

One of the types of interest that is common among the common people is that ten people together collect ten ten thousand every month, and then the bid of one lakh rupees starts, someone says, I I will take it in a thousand. The second says, I will take it for a thousand, the third says I will take it for seventy thousand. Assuming that the lesser bidder is given the same amount, the remaining thirty or forty thousand rupees are shared among all the people, and the one who has taken the bid amount has to pay only one lakh rupees. This is also an important type of interest, it is sometimes called “committee” and sometimes “chheti” etc. In addition, there are many ways and means that lead to interest.

Transactions with banks

At some point in life, a person is exposed to vaccines, especially two people who are for a living, because the banks live in the country, to send them their money to the banks and other means. Yes, it is a crime in the eyes of the law of our country. Where did the money come from? In this way, a person falls into the clutches of law and income tax department in such a way that Al-Aman and Hafeez. If a person buys a house or property, then the Income Tax Department has made him its victim.

Destruction of interest

Far from the mercy of Allah, and Allah and His Messenger keep him in a state of war. The usurer did not threaten the perpetrator of the case and did not promise the punishment which is for usurer. Will give and destroy its (economic) foundations, so we see that the poor countries that have borrowed from the world banks have been destroyed by paying interest, but the debt remains. Is . However, no worship of a person who eats usury is accepted, as stated in the hadeeth: (Tirmidhi sometimes accepts the supplication of a disbeliever and a polytheist, but the supplication of a usurer is not accepted in his court.)

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