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The book that was revealed to Prophet Moses (pbuh) is called Torah. But Torbit is actually a part of this book. The meaning of the Torah is that the Jewish law attributes five books to the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him). The first book is called the book of Genesis. The third book is Law. The granddaughter’s book is called Statistics. Because Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) had ordered that the Jews should be counted by bag. The fifth book is called Sania which means to repeat old things. They should be up-to-date or interpreted. In the beginning, the book (Haniyah) was not found in five of the Jews.

About six hundred years later, during a war, a man brought a book to the then Jewish king of the country and said, “I got this book from a cave.” I don’t know whose it is. But it shows religious rules. The king sent this prophet to a woman prophet of his time. The Jews also gave her to you, at least they claim it. Thus, six hundred years after Hazrat Moi, it was attributed to Hazrat Musa (as). However, the history of these five books is that after the death of Prophet Moses (pbuh) the ruler Bakht Nasr or Nebuchadnezzar Nader (Thar) invaded Palestine. Not only did he conquer the country but he also set fire to these enemies by collecting all the manuscripts of the Torah in order to exterminate them from the world. Not even a single copy of the Torah remained. One hundred years later, one of his prophets, Hazrat Ezra (who may also be called Uzair) said: I remember the Torah orally, he had the Torah spelled out. A Roman ruler invaded Palestine, named Antiochus, and did what Nebuchadnezzar had done. For the second time, they were annihilated. Shortly afterwards, another enlightened ruler sent an army under the command of Titus, and for the third time burned all the Jewish books available in Palestine. The Old Testament is one of the five books attributed to Prophet Moses (peace be upon him). These books are repeated forms after three or four fires. I don’t know. When one reads these books, he is preceded by two things. There is a feeling of tightness in the places and the tightness remains. It seems that some things have become more and more like they were included in the book attributed to Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) after the death of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him). So in the last chapter, the story of Prophet Moses (pbuh), the death of Prophet Moses (pbuh), the burial of Prophet Moses (pbuh) and the events that followed. Zikr is found. It is clear from this that this part is a later addition. God knows best how many things are added to it. There are political issues which every reader immediately feels. Thus, what is lacking or what must be there is that in each chapter there are such words that the details of it or the details of this command will be found in a certain chapter which refers to the chapters. They have been given a chapter of work “of God Wars and another chapter is the name of a book of sincere and virtuous people. The Torah is in the form of an organization and has been translated into most of the world’s languages.


After the Torah, the name Bor is commonly used by Muslims, and Mara is thought to be a permanent book, like the Torah and the Gospel. But in the Old Testament what is attributed to David and what they call Sam Baz Bor is not a permanent book, it contains only poems, there is no new command. ۔ We think that the Prophet (peace be upon him) or the Prophet (peace be upon him) brings a new law but there is no such new law in this book. Found in such a thing. Also, the history of the Torah is the same as that of the Psalms.


The general Muslim perception of the Gospel is that it was a permanent book that was revealed by God to Jesus. But the Gospel that has come to us through the Christians is not one but four Gospels, which are: (1) John, (2) Mark, (3) So these books are attributed to four different men. These four books are not all prisons, but according to Christian historians there were more than seventy Gospels. In which these four have been declared trustworthy and the rest have been declared. One by one, four people wrote a biography of Jesus (pbuh) and named it the Gospel. The word “gospel” means “good news” and the reason for this is that according to the living conditions of Jesus (pbuh) he usually went to a village and told the people there that The good news is that God’s rule is coming soon. Maybe that’s why the book got its name. But if a book was revealed to Jesus (pbuh), then Jesus (pbuh) wrote it, so it exists in the world today. The Gospels are now available. The fact is that many people wrote biographies of Jesus (pbuh) and these biographies were named Anil by each author. Who has no idea about the selection of Majheels, who chose them, when they were selected and by what criteria? A well-known French historian, Walter, has been described by French Catholics as an atheist.


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