How will the Hour come?

Here a question arises in the mind of a student that how will the Hour come? In the mind of a believer, the simple answer is that it will come by the command of Allah. An angel of Israel will blow the trumpet by the command of Ana Allah and the sound of this trumpet will be so loud that the system of the universe will be destroyed.

The moon, the stars, the sun will all be broken, the mountains will begin to fly away like cotton wool … The earth will be completely flattened, thus the Hour will be established, but those who are materialistic and observant of science, their Have their own ideas. But the strange thing is that even if they are double, they believe that the Hour will come, everyone agrees on this. Believers do believe, but they also believe that the Hour has come, but how will it come? There is a difference. Because their thinking is material, they look at it from the point of view of matter.

Therefore, scientists have written that there are four possibilities for the coming of the Day of Judgment:

First America: One possibility is that the sun will complete its life span. The sun is five billion years old. There is hydrogen gas inside the sun and it is turning into helium gas. When hydrogen gas converts to helium gas, we call it a bomb. So when a bomb explodes, a lot of fire erupts, in the same way hydrogen is converted into helium in the sun and a lot of fire erupts.

Estimate that of the sun Second possibility: the temperature is 20 million degrees Celsius. Over time, this will increase and at some point this temperature will reach 100 million degrees Celsius. At that time the sun will appear completely red and the whole earth system will be destroyed due to this heat of the sun. The second possibility is that something will collide with the earth, for example: meteor Saqib. What are meteors? If you look at the night sky you see some stars breaking, they are not stars, but they are metroits. These are some particles that come towards the earth, but when they are in the air. When they enter, their speed is such that they catch fire and they look like stars to us. These meteors are falling on the earth every day. According to scientists, one thousand tons of meteors fall on the earth every day. Once upon a time in 1918, a meteorite fell in a place called Mankista in Siberia, its power was ten thousand times bigger than an atomic bomb, but since all the snow there is snow, the damage from the fire was not so great. Scientists say that there is also a possibility that when Allah Almighty wills, a meteor will fall on the earth and break the earth.

Third possibility: Another possibility is that a star will pass close to the earth. There are some stars that are closer and closer to the Earth. Mama Bukhari Sharifdar star whose name was earlier Komat, passed very close to the earth. Scientists say that now on August 21, 2126, it will collide with the earth at a speed of 40,000 miles per hour. Explain what would happen if a planet or a star came at a speed of 40,000 miles per hour and hit the earth? This star is getting closer and closer to the earth ten miles every second. Scientists have dug a telescope (telescope) into space, its name is Hale. It has sent images of the collision of galaxies 63 million light years ago. This proves that galaxies can now collide with each other.

Fourth possibility: And one possibility is that a black hole will digest this system of ours. This is also proved by the Holy Hadith. One of the Companions once asked: What will happen if the sun, moon and stars stop obeying Allah? He said: Allah Almighty will impose some of His animals on the animals, which will make them a morsel. The Companions asked in astonishment: Where are those animals found? He said: They graze in the pastures of Allah. Nabi Ali Salam answered them according to their mental capacity, but now scientists say that these animals mean black holes and they are so big that if the earth goes inside them they do not even know where they are. Gone? So two black holes are close to Earth.

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