Hazrat Pir Syed Ghulam Mohyud Din Gillani Babujee (RA)

Hazrat Pir Syed Ghulam Mohyud Din Gillani Babujee (RA) has taken birth on December, 1891 at Golra Sharif, Islamabad, Pakistan. He was the only son of Hazrat Pir Syed Meher Ali Shah Gillani (RA) and affectionately nick named by the latter as “Babujee”.

There is a maxim: Some are bom great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon. When we study the life and career of Hazrat Babujee (RA) the maxim can be exactly applied on him. He was the son of a great religious scholar and a holy saint of the sub-continent of South East Asia. Pir Meher Ali Shah (RA) had dedicated and devoted his entire life for spreading the Islamic ideology through teaching and preaching Islamic views which were based upon Quran and Sunnah. He used to say that our faith plays a vital role in our lives.

According to him the genuine faith is to believe in the oneness () of Almighty God and to believe in the Prophet of Arabia Mohammad (SAW) and that he is the last Prophet of God appointed by Him with the complete code of life ie with complete “Deen” which he strictly followed it. There is no scope of Meher Ali Shah (RA) was totally against “Qadianism” Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian was the founder of this ism and included it in Islam. He used to claim that he was a Prophet of that new so-called religion-Qadianism and all his followers are true Muslims.

Once he challenged the Muslim religious scholars of sub-continent of India for a debate to prove as to who was right in the “belief” May Almighty God bless Pir Meher Ali Shah (RA) Who accepted the challenge ahat C p aa deed of any “Ism” in Islamic ideology and therefore Pir spary ater hu father ihectin and the day and place Badshahi Mosque Lahore were fixed for the debate between the two. Thousands of Muslims gathered at Badshahi Mosque Lahore on the fixed day Pir Meher Ali Shah (RA) reached and waited at the Mosque for the debate with Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani but Mirza ue 3A sahib did not turm up. Hence Pir Meher Ali Shah (RA) very gracefully defeated the false Prophet Mriza Ghulam Ahmad.

It is because of Pir Meher Ali Shah’s (RA) effort and struggle that Qadiani movement failed and ultimately the Qadianis were declared Non-Muslims by the Parliament of Pakistan. Pir Meher Ali Shah (RA) gives us a message that our struggle and efforts for a greater cause ultimately bears positive fruit which also reminds us of the Quranic verse: “When truth comes forward as against the falschood then the falsehood cannot resist and has to fled away” The good deed of Pir Meher Ali Shah (RA) is highly commendable not only in the sight of the people of the world but also by Almighty God who says in the Holy Quran: “Lo! Those who believe and do good deeds , the Beneficent Almighty God will create love for them in the heart of their fellowmen”.

Such was the personality of Pir Meher Ali Shah (RA) who became so loveable that the people used to kiss his hands in this physical world and his Tomb is being kissed after his passing away to the Spiritual world. As a matter of fact I am proving that Hazrat Babujee (RA) was bom great because he was the son of a great saint. Hazrat Babujee (RA) proved himself to be the genuine and true successor of his father whom he called as his Murshid (True Guide). He strictly adhered to the ideals duely practiced by his affectionate father. He achieved greatness by dint of his character, learning and love for humanity at large.

The love and affection which he bore for hi5 fellowmen Was regardless of religion, caste, colour or creed. He extended hi full moral or financial support to the poor and needy people not only in the sub-continent but also at the international level. He personally went to Saudi Arabia to provide financial assistance to the poor and needy people at the time of their financial crises.

He talked less and acted more. He tried his best to help the needy people secretly and disliked to be publicized. Hazrat Babujee (RA) was a man of unique calibre. Millions of people have kissed his hands during his life time and his tomb is being kissed at the mansoleum at Golra Sharif after his expiry to the other world. Such act of his disciples would continue till doom’s day. So, the part of the maxim that some have greatness thrust upon can be genuinely applied for a great saint like Hazrat Babujee (RA) Because he himself used to say, “I am nothing”

He was humble and benign as he knew that God liked humbleness. When Almighty God informed the Malaika (The Angels and the Jinns) that he was going to appoint His Deputy (Human beings) on Earth, they responded that the human being would make disruptions and shed the blood of one another. God told them that whatever He knew they did not. Now when the Angels would watch the life of a person like Hazrat Babujee (RA) they would not only approve and commend such people living in this world but also confess their mistake and would speak thus:

O our Lord, glory be to thee! Only Thou are the knower, the wise! They would also feel that the chief Angel was wrong not to bow down before Adam. He refused to obey the order of Almighty God, because of his satanic Ego and was therefore condemned and thrown from the graceful height to the disgraceful depth. There is another Ego which is self-respect and is We can  applied to those who negate their pride and control their worldly ambitions and avarice, such persons have got thẻ power to submit their will to the will of Almighty God instead of nourishing hatred and jealousy, they inculcate in themselves Love and affection, as hatred creates evils and Love creates virtues. Hazrat Babujee (RA) set an example of submission of his will to the will of Almighty God. Such act may make a man even better than an angel but it requires belief plus extra effort to react against worldly avarice and greed. As the following verse says: love was his ple nal de ne “We can become even better than an angel if we have the will to do so”

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