Having submission and consent in the mind

The human mind should be full of submission and consent. Meaning of submission and consent. Whether the servant is happy with every deed of Allah, whether we understand His wisdom or not, there is only improvement in it.

Many times man’s thinking is small, intellect is small then man cannot understand its wisdom and starts objecting. For example: We had to hold this gathering, so we pitched a tent the day before. Now the day the guests had to come, the wind came, it rained, so the guests were very upset, we also heard the comments of the guests.

Someone said: The arrangement was not good, there was no place to sit, no place to lie down, the program of worship was made, it was not good. The women who were in the service were also worried that we had tried so hard to make arrangements on our part.

At that very moment, Allah Almighty turned the whole arrangement upside down. I kept listening to all these words on the phone and kept smiling in my heart that wow my lord! How big are you The fact is that the day before, the women of the house were telling me that women would come a lot, but it is very hot and there are a lot of mosquitoes here. Because there is a closed place and indeed there were armies of mosquitoes here.

Now we feared that Women will have children as well, so what will happen if mosquitoes start biting children? God was kind enough to blow the wind and drive away the army of mosquitoes from here. And Allah reduced the heat of the season by raining again. So in the earlier days the heat was very high and today it is less than that. So look! It contained God’s wisdom and was good for us. We were tired of being sprayed so that the mosquitoes would not go away.

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