Habits of Emotionally Strong People

What are some of the habits you have found that will weaked you?

I want us to overcome these habits because if we overcome these habits we will be strong.

  • The First habit is that you have to Believe in yourself .

if you do not believe in yourself whatever you are, you are a business man, educated, there are students who read whatever you definition is in your eyes.

if you consider yourself credible, Reliable means you think its me this is my strength it means believing in yourself .

Self Doubt means that what you doubt about yourself.

Man’s Faith makes him do all the work no matter how difficult it may be.

Confidence is something that education is all about.

  • Don’t Self care and Self Love.

Loving yourself means you respect yourself, take care of yourself, means you respect yourself, take care of yourself and feel yourself.

Some people hurt themselves they do it because they don’t have the passion to love themselves so they hurt themselves.

Appreciate what God has given you.

  • Logic Vs Emotions.

  • Judging yourself for how your feel.

  • Need to find the reason behind everything people who want to bring out the smallest reasons for everything and become very weak mentally.

  • Trying to control and Plan Everything.

  • Who Allow others to control their Life.

Some people have a habit to decide for themselves and ask others to tell me what to do Such people cannot make their own decisions,

Whether in life or in any situation they should read their Decisions to Allah he is the best of Judges.

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