Four years of poor people and government

A well-known example. Poverty and inflation go hand in hand. The poor people of Pakistan have been the best example of this saying for the last 25 years. Incumbent governments have taken many steps to reduce the poverty rate = IT N – but billions of rupees have been lost due to lack of proper disbursement. Excessive corruption and looting in the funds allocated by the government for the poor has led to further increase in the poverty rate. People are also counted among the poor. Rising inflation is the main reason for the increase in poverty.

In a few years, the inflation rate has increased from 100% to 4%. Which has broken the backs of the poor people. The rise in petrol, electricity and gas prices has pushed up the prices of almost everything. These include everything from groceries to consumer goods. In addition, the taxes imposed by the government deprive the people of basic necessities. In such cases, access to transport, medical treatment and education. Sounds like a dream. According to 15-year statistics, 28% of the population was living below the poverty line. Their number has increased from forty to forty two percent. In other words, about 70 million people in Pakistan are forced to live in poverty.

The current government has taken a number of steps to alleviate poverty in the last four years, including the Benazir Income Support Program. Under this program billions of rupees are allocated every year for the help and rehabilitation of the poor and in four years a huge amount of seven hundred rupees has been spent for this purpose. In addition, developed countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom provide billions of rupees in aid to alleviate poverty, but despite all these measures, the poverty rate continues to rise sharply. Has doubled The question arises as to why the government is failing to control poverty and inflation despite spending billions of rupees. Here are some reasons why the government has failed.

Here are some reasons why the government has failed

Unfair distribution of funds allocated for poverty alleviation.

The government does not pay attention to the real issues.

Open plunder and looting in government institutions.

This is not the case with foreign aid.

On the rise in electricity, petrol and gas prices. Taxes levied on basic necessities.

The government should pay attention to all these issues in good faith and solve the problems of the people by forgetting its personal interests. If the government had paid attention to the appropriate strategy and measures, billions of rupees would have been saved from tax evasion and looting. With a few steps, poverty and inflation can be stopped.

The government should reduce taxes on food and basic necessities of life. Make the distribution of aid transparent so that the poor get their due. Ensure their supply by reducing petrol and gas prices. Let’s control the rising inflation day by day. Yes, end tax evasion and looting in government institutions and punish those responsible severely. Provide new employment opportunities in the country.

The provision of basic services is the only way to reduce and eradicate poverty. The present government has completed four years of its rule and in these four years the government has pushed the people of Pakistan into a blind alley of despair from which it is very difficult to get out. What steps does it take?

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