Family planning and its awareness

The territory in which we and all of you take is not unlimited in terms of our natural resources. Its instrumental and air resources have been used and the remaining children are being used continuously for our economic and all needs.

Even the open fertile plains are losing their fertility after being cultivable for hundreds of years. The mountains which were full of mineral treasures are gradually losing their embrace. Underground and groundwater reserves today are not only polluted,

but are dangerously depleted: an atmosphere that is not only depleted of food-producing fields, but also depleted by beans and sorghum. Wherever crops were swaying, now residential settlements, large buildings and plazas have been built, cities are free from filth and scarcity.

The whole system of life is slowly eroding beyond the control of the Taji, political and economic organizations and institutions. The world of crime is pure and the law is becoming a silent spectator. Just as inhumane Hindus are being nurtured in the veins of society.

This is a picture of a young man whose full colors are not in the original text. How can a person’s nickel give this picture? There is no need to worry too much about it. Wrap it up for a moment, then the picture will revolve around our eyes, including the whole universe.

The purpose of presenting these things is not to make a fuss about anyone but to give it a go and then also the seriousness and delicacy of the year to give a secure future to our future generations in this region. In this regard, Mili seeks to focus on the spread of control over the population of the region and the Key Sage, or in fact seeks to explore the nuances of the Mahal on the basis of facts.

Whatever the outcome of the war or the use of human and land resources, the scarcity of natural resources in a country can have dire consequences. The doom of nations is coming to an end. Civil war is a war of words between human beings and human society, and the greatest danger is posed by the growing human population.

In addition to natural resources, man is also using the resources he has created in parallel, but the growing population and dwindling resources of the poorest and developing countries are fueling the economic forces that This is why under the guise of political reform, I have come to know about the dilemmas of such societies, which are destroying the local infrastructure of civilization.

If we look around us, we will see the onslaught of Western economics and sociology at its height, and in front of it, the spread of our poor populations will look like a helpless goat to a lion. Basic human amenities such as provision of livelihood, employment, clean drinking water, food and shelter, etc., are directly related to the appropriate or inappropriately growing population.

If the rate of population growth is maintained as the resources increase, then there is no excess. Our neighboring country China is the best example of this. However, as a decent and civilized citizen, we have to include future generations and their future in our responsibilities, because we believe that tomorrow is not responsible for the future of man, but only today.

Is . Our failure today will ruin our tomorrow. Family planning is one of the three most effective ways to avoid thisIn the experience of the previous generation, we saw that even illiterate people used the term family planning. Then more time passed and the people of this generation realized that we were wrong, because they went to see with their own eyes that the quiet life of them and their forefathers was the life of the population. The spread destroyed its beauty, values, traditions and civilization.

They realized that the provision of education, health, employment, housing and food for their children was dwindling. It was not that this generation did not work day and night with full dedication and honesty to increase resources and production and did not play its part in the development of the country and the nation, but the real problem was that these available resources The pace of population growth in parallel was very fast due to lack of access to the bottom of the issue.

He saw the consequences of this not only in his own life but also in the use of salads in the country, not only in the society, but also in the extortion. Family planning is not a secret, but an open source of economic and pilgrim resources. This is not a private affair of a sexy person.

The most effective use of resources, whether material or human, is a matter of national concern, just as we are concerned about the resources available to run any national, political, economic, welfare or commercial enterprise. We strive to adopt the best strategies to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, just as we expect the basic unit of society, the family, to do its utmost to the best of its ability.

Being able to achieve goals for the bright future of their children. What future do we want to give to our next generation? The goat issue is not just about government or government initiatives, but also about the family’s self-organization.

Parents need to know how many family members can help deliver a comprehensive plan by email to their children to get a good education, health, food and other facilities. It is natural for us to hand over money to our descendants for the sake of circumstances, but it is natural for us to strive to provide our children with a secure future under an effective plan. Although an official slogan, it certainly hides the fact that a minimum amount of wealth can provide us with the noise of putting a minimum burden on our resources.

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