Epidemic of sexuality and immorality

The prevalence and popularity of the epidemic of eroticism and obscenity, which is the result of the provocation of erotic emotions, occurs through literature, images, cinema, dance, and common manifestations of nudity and obscenity.

Thanks to the selfish capitalists who are using every possible means to arouse the sexual thirst of the people and are promoting their business through this means.

Daily and weekly newspapers publish illustrated magazines and semi-monthly and monthly magazines with extreme articles and embarrassing pictures.

Because I am the most effective way to increase publishing. In this work, a high level of intelligence, artistic and psychological skills are used so that the victim cannot escape from either side.

In addition to this, the issue of gender issues is published in the form of pamphlets and books, the frequency of which is such that one edition is printed in the number of fifty thousand and sometimes up to sixty editions.

Is . Some publishing houses are only dedicated to the publication of this literature. There are many writers who have reached the level of fame and honor through this medium.

It is no longer disrespectful for anyone to write a book, but if the book becomes popular, such authors become members of the French Academy, or at least deserve the “corix d honneus.” Workers French workers medal T1 watches with interest and whose authors and successful imitations are showered with flowers of praise and admiration.

All of them, without exception, are full of eroticism and their distinguishing feature is simply that the character which may be the worst in moral terms is presented in them as high and the standard of beauty.

According to the Paul Bureau, looking at the maps of our playwrights’ lives for thirty or forty years, if one wants to gauge our cultural life, one would simply assume that there are as many married couples in our society.

They are all traitors and devoid of marital fidelity. Husband is either a fool or a wife for life. Is . It is easy to imagine that the theaters of the high society, when it is in this state, will have a juggling of public theaters and entertainment venues.

The language, the payoffs and the nudity that the worst vagrants can be satisfied with are presented there without any shame or revelation and the public is convinced through advertisements that your sexual thirst.

Everything she asks for is here. Our inch is free from hassle and realistic. Amil Puri has given many examples in his report which were collected by patrolling in various entertainment venues. He has hidden the names in the alphabet screen.

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