Effects of Zikr Atonement for Sins by Minor Charity

A person who spends in the way of Allah, for religion, for madrassas, for mosque or for the poor, has a high status with Allah. So listen carefully to an incident of the Children of Israel. There was a worshiper. He worshiped God in his room for sixty years.

Allah Akbar Kabir! Spending sixty years in worship is not a trivial matter. There are springs and it is raining and the weather is very nice so I can go out and see the natural scenery. He went out. Glory be to God that Satan was waiting for him.

A woman who was tending goats came from somewhere and this woman came and talked to this worshiper in such a smooth way that he took her down in his glass. He even committed adultery with this masculine woman. Now when he committed adultery, he thought that I should take a quick bath and recite Nafl from Allah and ask for forgiveness. He went to the spring to breed.

When he took off his clothes and got drenched in the spring water, a beggar came and said to him: Brother! Give me something in the name of Allah, I am hungry. This Abid said, “I have some money in my pocket or something to eat. Take it.

This servant took that thing and left.” Now this servant died while he was taking a bath. There is a hadith in which it is said that Allah Almighty told the angels about his good and bad deeds So when the angels weighed her good and evil, her worship for sixty years turned out to be more, once adultery turned out to be heavy. That is, adultery once was such a great sin that sixty years of worship could not be compared to it. The angels said: Yes! His sins are more, his virtues are less.

Then an angel said: He had given some charity while he was dying, so take that too. Therefore, when he put the reward of the charity he had given in his book of deeds, it was so heavy that the scales of good deeds bowed down and Allah granted Paradise to this servant.

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