Digestive System of Human body

The horror of the human body is a telling proof of the masterpiece of  nature .Each member works with this skull under and automated system. many system in our body work at the same time one of which is the digestive system. the whole process from eating food to digesting it is called digestion.

Our digestive System is made up of complex organs. whatever food we eat our body turns it into fine particles so that whatever food is eaten is easy to digest from the mouth to the end most of our digestion system is in the form of a tube .In which food reaches the digestive tract while travelling. A long burrowing tube from our mouth to the end passes our food through various attacks during which food occurs.


Our digestion start from our mouth when we eat food we chew it in our mouth and turn it into small pieces the fat glands in our mouths help in the process ingredients in saliva help in chewing our food.


The esophagus is the channel through which food enters the mouth after chewing the esophagus is long tube whose uniform movement of muscles in the inner walls carries food down to stomach.


Our stomach is like a big bag it release various waste product in the stomach the most acidic substance in it is called Glyceric Acid these acids substances help to convert the food into smaller particles .

Small intestine

After undergoing a chemical reaction in the stomach the food enters the small intestine the first part of the small intestine is called duodenum the second part is called orphan and the last part is called the appendix.

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