Developments of the twentieth century

The development of ideas in the nineteenth century had reached this point. At the beginning of the twentieth century, new kings appear in the air who try to fly higher than their predecessors.

۱۹۰۸ ء میں پیر دولف (Pierre Wolf اور گیستان لیرو (al individual shad whatever he likes with to have the freedom to doing whatever he does no I right to take and I the government is freedom of the individual be collect institute achieve their goals of 3 And Mat Dan Ran Ma. A drama of R E 53 (Lalya) in which two girls are seen arguing with their father in front of their young brother about the issue that they have the right to love freely and that it is for a young girl to live without pleasure.

How sad An old man blames a granddaughter for having an affair with a young man. In response, the daughter-in-law says:

“How can I eat you?

You have not even eaten that a man has no right to demand love from a girl, whether she is his sister or his daughter.”

Without completion World War II further intensified this liberation movement.

The contraceptive movement had the greatest effect on the furnace. For forty consecutive years, France has been giving birth rates. Out of eighty-seven (8) districts in France, only (9) districts had higher birth rates than deaths.

The death rate in the remaining eight districts will be higher than the birth rate. In some parts of the country, the situation was such that for every 100 children born there.

The average number of deaths was up to 3 and 4.

At the time when the French nation was facing the issue of life and death, the French authorities knew that there were very few young people capable of embracing the nation.

Even if the national life had been saved by sacrificing these innumerable young men at that time, it would have been impossible for them to be sown in the second attack of the demon.

This realization created a frenzy to raise the birth rate in all of France, and writers from all over, journalists, preachers, and, to a lesser extent, serious scholars, and now even politicians, began to shout in unison, “Baby Geno!”

And as far as the bad constraints of marriage are concerned, but the virgin girl and Mau, who voluntarily offers her rem for the day, deserves respect, not blame?

Liberals at that time had a natural shell, so they saw the favorable time and spread other ideas which were left in the devil’s basket.

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