DAMS and Teacher’s Rights and Duties

Teacher’s Duties (Student’s Rights):

Acquiring knowledge in Islam is obligatory on every Muslim (male and female). The relationship between the teacher and the student is more important than that of the father and the son. The teacher who trains the children spiritually and morally and brings them to an important place in the society. However, the role of the teacher is the most important in the development and prosperity of the nation.

Here are some of the important duties of a teacher:

A sense of responsibility:

The first duty of a teacher is not to be deprived of that sense of responsibility. He should be fully aware of the fact that his Responsibility is the sacred duty of educating the children of the nation. And even the slightest mistake in you is irreparable.

Passing over the subject.

Must be skilled at it. Otherwise the educational objectives for which it has been set will not be achieved. Teachers who do not master their subject. In fact, their dignity is very low in the eyes of children. Therefore, it is important that the teacher not only spreads the word about his subject but also keeps abreast of the latest developments in it.

iii. Familiarity with Psychology of Students: It is the duty of the teacher to be fully aware of the psychology of the students and to continue his teaching process keeping in view their rule. In this regard, Rehmat-ul-Alam said: “Speak to people according to their intellect.” Teachers who do not try to write child psychology fail in their purpose. And waste students’ precious time.

iv. Consistency in the words of the teacher: If there is no consistency in the words of the teacher, the students are deprived of learning good deeds. This has been pointed out in the description.

The divine command is: لما تقولون مالا تفعلون »(القف_۲) Why do you say that which you do not do? The most important duty of a teacher is to be punctual. Those who are not punctual are left with the feeling that they have nothing to do with education.

On the one hand, they are teachers.12 will not be respected and due to lack of leadership will reduce the same in medicine and education which will be a loss not only for them but also for the whole nation.

If the lessons are learned then the educational purpose will be lost and the students will be left alone. That is why Islam is full of knowledgeable answers:

It is obligatory for the teacher that if the child asks him a question which he does not know the answer to, then he should confess and give such an answer only for the sake of spending time which is Allah.

Otherwise the teacher will become a green criminal. One is to say the wrong thing and the other is to get the students to do the wrong thing. ۔ Equal treatment of students:

All students should be equal in the eyes of the teacher. No child should be discriminated against on the basis of wealth, poverty, community, professional area. Because it creates a wave of hatred against the teacher in the hearts of other students and affects the personality of the children.

ix. Right Questions:

The desire to know more about something leads the teaching process forward. Therefore, it is the duty of the teacher to give the children time to ask questions so that they are satisfied with the answers to the questions that arise in their minds.

To increase their addiction and knowledge. ۔ Mbrogul: Master Kumbar Vital should be the packer. Because even if students say something that is against their mood, then the teacher should bear it with a smile and then try his best to correct it.

Duties of a teacher according to Imam al-Ghazali (may God have mercy on him): Imam al-Ghazali (may God have mercy on him) says:

ا۔ Let the disciples be like their sons.

2. Create feelings of brotherhood and love among your students.

3. Don’t ask for advice. ۔ Forbid the disciples with bad words, gestures and love. ا۔ In case of need, he can also give a penalty of only three days off for the purpose of reforming the students.

According to Maulana Maududi (may Allah have mercy on him): They should be fully aware of Qur’an and Sunnah. Be aware of Western sciences and scientific sciences.

They are capable of proving the universality of Islamic teachings by analyzing Western ideas. Hudood Shariah should be observed in their homes.

5. Possess oral character and attributes.

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