Computer Use & All Key Features!

Man is superiour to all creatures .he has used his intellect to sum up the whole world with his amazing miracle.
With the help of computer human beings can easily communicate with each other whenever they are.
A computer is a machine that can be used to solve all problems at home.
Computer are playing a key role in bringing humans close together.

Computer have four basic parts:-

  • Moniter
  • CPU
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • The moniter has a screen that looks exactly like a television.
  • The keyboard helps to type all kinds of words .
  • The CPU is also called the brain of the computer because everything that is done in the computer is done from within.

Here are some specific computer tasks:-

  • Transactions in banks are calculated with the help of computer.
  • All kinds of bills are also printed on the computer.
  • Books in both urdu and english are also written on the computer.
  • A computer can handle more then one tasks at a time.
  • The computer is an invention that has made everyone’s life also
  • prove that humans are noble creatures.

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