Co-Education System

co-educational system Co-education means the education of both boys and girls in the same school and under the same platform. It also means providing the same education to both sexes without distinction. The purpose of this education system is to bring together boys and girls. It allows you to have free sex without interruption.The great Greek philosopher Plato preached the system of participation in ancient times. He believed that co-education would create a spirit of collaboration between boys and girls. Plato was a staunch supporter of women’s education, so he wanted women to study with men in the same institutions. He felt that if the dying women were taught together, it would enhance their personality to the maximum.

They will not feel ashamed of each other. He argued that this was the only way in which both could become useful members of society.Plato was, in fact, greatly influenced by the co-educational system of Sparta, a city in Greece. There, boys and girls were given joint educational and physical education. Girls and boys read and played together. Both of them were taught the art of fighting, horse riding, archery etc. Thus the women of Sparta were not inferior to the men.Even in ancient India, there was no separation between boys and girls in Aryan society.

In modern times, co-educational systems are being introduced in Europe and the United States. In India too, more and more co-educational schools and colleges will be established one day.

Benefits of co-education

* Co-education system has many advantages in education. The first advantage is that if boys and girls are taught together, there will be no need to open separate schools for boys and girls. Co-education is an economic system because both boys and girls can study in the same schools and have the same staff.Secondly, boys and girls have to live together in the society in their later life and if they are taught together from the beginning then they can understand each other very well and girls should not feel ashamed in the presence of boys. Will Boys won’t bother girls either.

* If they are taught together, it will create a sense of healthy competition among them. That way they will work harder and pay more attention to their education. The feeling of comradeship between boys and girls will also develop. The boy will not be involved in the evening chatter and the girls will not be more frightened than the boys. In this way there will be a balanced development in his personality.It is also a common experience that boys behave politely in the company of girls. They do not use vulgar language in the presence of girls. They also dress appropriately and speak well. In the same way girls will lose their fear with boys if they are taught with them then on the other hand if boys and girls are taught in separate schools then boys are rude to girls. These guys always have a curiosity to know about them. But when they study together, their curiosity is satisfied and they do not consider girls as strange creatures. Thus, if co-education is introduced, there will be no problem of discipline among the students. In schools in western countriesConfiscation will not be a problem. In Western countries, there is no separation between boys and girls in schools.

Disadvantages of co-education

Certainly some conservatives criticize the co-education system. According to him, this system is against our tradition. They also fear that co-education will lead to immoral relationships between boys and girls.

They believe that in this system, both boys and girls will go bad. But there is not much water in these arguments.Lack of Concentration Lack of concentration is a common disadvantage in the co-educational system. It is natural to be emotionally attracted to the opposite sex, which can be detrimental to one’s education and development.

Adolescent bullying education is one of the most serious disadvantages of sexually harassing co-educators commonly seen in the general education system. There have been numerous reports of sexual harassment in the mixed schooling system.Harmful to the culture and values ​​of the society. Contrary to tradition; many people think that the co-educational system is against their traditions and cultures. So it often creates rifts in society. Furthermore, many people in Third World countries often restrict their education to going to school on the basis of co-education or co-educational education. And I have to live as a wife.

They do not need to be separated in schools. Rather, it brings them closer togetherIt will provide an opportunity to come and get to know each other better. We must not believe in medieval morality. The world is changing rapidly today and women are being given an equal status with men in society. So let’s accept the changing order and open more co-educational institutions in the future and say goodbye to different institutions.

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