Can Solar Energy Solve Electricity Crisis?

Can Solar Energy Solve Electricity Crisis? Solar energy is one of nature’s greatest blessings, while in most countries around the world, heat from the sun can be converted into steam to run water or generate electricity directly from solar panels. The work is being taken. The sun reflects its energy on every wavelength of red UV, from X-rays. This energy is visible on about 5% of the spectrum, while 2% of the solar energy reaches the earth in the form of infrared and the remaining 5% in the form of ultraviolet. Sometimes what we crave is hidden from the eyes of the intellect even though it is close to us and most of the time we are attracted to it too late. If we had already started work on obtaining electricity, we might not have suffered from severe power crisis in the present times. Dear homeland is one of the lucky countries in the world where the sun’s rays stay longer.

Experts say that Pakistan can ensure the production of electricity from sunlight for 5 to 6 days out of the total 5 days of the year, while the energy obtained from other sources is 3 times more than the rays of the sun. Energy can be obtained. Solar energy is mainly divided into segments, including solar thermal and solar photovoltaic or solar PV. Solar thermal is a method of generating electricity. In this method water is converted into steam and turbines are run, which generate electricity.

In gas or coal-fired power plants, heat is generated by fire, whereas in solar thermal, heat is obtained from direct sunlight instead of fire. The liquid in it is heated. Nowadays, the shami cholas used for cooking work in a solar-thermal way. For any ordinary person, it may be worth considering how it is possible to get energy from sunlight. Devices that generate electricity from sunlight are scientifically called photovoltaic or PV. Fu2 means light and voltaic means electricity.

The basic element for obtaining electricity from solar energy is called solar cell. When the sun’s rays hit the solar panel, electricity is generated by the solar cell Yafu to Voltal Bell. In this process, the free electrons of the silicon pull the photons involved in sunlight towards KwaP. According to experts, a solar panel can be effective for up to 5 years, while various types of solar PV also give different results in terms of performance. Types of solar cells include thin film concentrator PEDA and ectosolar. Thin Film Solar Cell Kothi Film also called To Two Voltic Thin Film Solar Peel is made by combining one or more bag layers of photovoltaic material and also converts mesh energy into its own. Save Such a battery that saves a small amount of electricity but its equipment is Pakistan Available all over the world at very reasonable prices. Silicone mittens use Amor PAS, Pervito Crystalline, NanoCrystalline and Black Silicone for the film. Can be easily installed.

Constant solar systems generate electricity from sunlight with the help of lenses and mirrors. When the sun’s rays are converted into electricity, it drives a steam turbine or a jet of electrical energy, which produces electrical energy. Is . Nowadays, solar energy is being used for cooking, heating water, keeping houses cool or warm, or eating floating vegetables. When the steam turbines are converted to electrical energy without the use of the sun, it is called concentrated photovoltaic or CPV. This type of system is usually installed in hot areas where strong sunlight is available. There is an urgent need to use solar energy in Pakistan as the people of our country have been embroiled in power crisis for the last one decade. Non-lethal energy supply could also be made possible. Using alternative sources of power generation in Pakistan, the government’s special board has installed solar plants in several villages across the country over the past few years, including in Rawalpindi, Gujarat, Dera Ghazi Khan Better Bat, Kalat, Qila Saif and Puncher. Areas are particularly noteworthy. The biggest problem we have with energy problems so far is that solar panels are installed by the government, but again no attention is paid to these painters. As a result, these useful devices become damaged and useless. In view of the increasing use of valuable natural resources such as petrol and gas to meet the energy shortage, the Government of Pakistan launched a project to generate electricity from alternative sources in 1991, under which the remote areas of the country Plans for solar power and wind power generation for industries were implemented.

These projects have been initiated by the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDEB), a government-run body for obtaining energy from alternative sources in the country, with the aim of promoting the use of alternative energy in the country. Nine solar panels were installed in the village of Nariyan Khorian, about 3 km from Abad, which were commissioned by a local firm free of cost to highlight the importance of solar energy in the country. After the installation of these Um Bashi panels, more than one house in the village has got electricity facility. According to the locals, they did not expect to be able to get electricity in their area in this way as well, as it is located several kilometers away from Garh Destation. Cost was required, but getting electricity from solar energy is much easier and cheaper. Pakistan has been suffering from severe power crisis for the last several years and it is feared that in the next few years the situation will change for the worse, so special attention needs to be paid to alternative sources of power generation. Solar energy can play an important role in overcoming the massive power crisis in Pakistan and in this regard, if the work of manufacturing solar painters is carried out locally, it will be very important.

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