Beauty Tips

  • Grind two almonds for clear and smooth skin add a little lemon juice and honey.
  • Now Apply it on the face and wash your face After a few minutes.
  • To make bleach at home mix yogurt in a basin and apply it on the face.
  • Mix potato and cucumber paste and apply it under the eyes to reduce lightness and swelling.
  • Grind fenugreek leaves and mix lemon juice in it to remove pimples and nails from the face.

How to remove scars from the face :

  • Dissolve crushed apples in milk and apply at night wash face with fresh water in the morning stains will be removed.
  • Applying Tomato paste on the face removes blemishes and makes the face attractive.
  • Lemon juice is very useful for facial scars .
  • Grind radish seeds and mix it with a little bit of curd and apply it on the face Doing this for a few days will remove scars.
  • Peel a Squash grate it and squeeze the paste mix a tablespoon if fennel in it and apply it on the face after about 20 minutes
  • wash your face in a few days the scar will not remain.

How to Whiten color:

  • Extract cucumber paste then mix half teaspoon of rose liqueur and half teaspoon of Glycerin in it and apply on face this will make the face white.
  • Applying it Daily at night while sleeping will gradually make the face start to bleach a little.

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