Astronaut’s amazing feat

A few years ago, a man made the longest leap in the world. He was an Astronaut, who jumped from the place where Space (Khar) starts, down to the ground ….. Jumping from above would have been an easy task.

If a common man jumps, his death will happen before he reaches the ground. Because Acceleration kills man …. Understand a scientific thing. People write Speed ​​Kill (Speed ​​kills, that’s fine. In fact, Speed ​​Kill increases a person’s Acceleration) and it kills a person. Many times .

It happens that a man is traveling in a car, he did not fasten his seat belt. If the body moves with this speed, even if the person is not physically injured, then the servant dies. Science says that if the acceleration exceeds 7 then the death of the slave occurs immediately.

Therefore, if a normal person jumps, he will die due to Acceleration in the air. But to avoid this, one has to strengthen one’s body, one has to work hard. Now the servant who jumped to the ground from the end of space, he did not know how much exercise!

How to take care of your health! We had a chance to see a documentary about it. When the astronaut jumped down from the space ship, he started whirling. He was spinning so fast that his heartbeat would be very fast. There will be, when the baby is born in the world, his maximum heart rate (maximum heart rate) goes up to 220 per minute.

It can not go beyond that. Then as a person grows older. Its speed decreases. If a slave needs to have his heart tested, the maximum rate should be: Age – 220 (220 minus the age of the slave. For example: If I am 60 years old, subtract 60 from 220) Will become 160.

If I write to get my heart checked, my heart rate can go up to 160 more than my memory. If it is above that, then of course there will be a heart attack. By the way, science says that if the heart rate goes above 120 then the risk of heart attack starts. But if it goes beyond 160 then it will definitely be a heart attack …. So I was watching on the screen that at that time his heart beat was 190.

I was watching in amazement, O Allah! This guy has a heart rate of 190, and he’s still Serving (trying to live), and he was saying, “I’m moving around a lot right now and I’m in a weird condition.” As the bullet moved faster, it began to fall to the ground. At that time its speed was 800 kilometers per hour. Falling down with such a high speed,

its heartbeat for about 15 seconds. Zero. He also served on Zero Heart Beat. Serving on 190 and Serving on Zero.

Then after fifteen seconds when his speed decreased a little he opened his umbrella and his Because of this, his pad became less and less, and then he landed on the ground. It was a unique example in human history, but he had to fight all his life to achieve this excellence. Then he told me how long I have been diving. Started eating? And it was my favorite pastime, and after so many years of doing it, I did it today.

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