Ancestry and nobility of lineage

We, the believers have a prime touchstone of proof that there is power which has created the universe and we call Him as Allah, the Almighty God. Then after creating the human beings on the surface of this earth He has sent His Messengers and Prophets with His commandments booklets and Books for the guidance of the societies of their times.

Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) the last Prophet of God was blessed with the Glorious Quran which is perfect in all respect and provides a perfect code of life for all the ages and for all the times. The first message of this book is: their “Alif. Laam! Meem: This is the scripture whereof there is no doubt, guidance unto those who ward off (evil). The modern science and research have proved and is continuously proving that each and every word of the Holy Quran is perfectly true.

I have mentioned earlier some of the verses (Ayat) from the Holy Quran revealed on the last prophet of Arabia Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) in chapter V where Almighty God Himself bestowed grace and honour upon His beloved Prophet (SAW). Allah gives equal rights to all the men and women of the world for all the times and for all the ages. All the men and women are equal in the sight of Allah.

As for as God is concerned we the creatures are equal to Him because He has created them and likes them all being the Most beneficent and the Most Merciful. But He expresses in His Holy Quran, the men and women are equal as for as their rights and responsibilities are concerned. He says that how can an ignorant person be equal to a learned person. Almighty God has laid down a clear cut criterion as to who is better than the other one.

God had sent all the Prophets in this world for the guidance of says in the Holy Quran: “Of those messengers, some of whom We have caused to excel others, and of whom there are some unto whom Allah Spoke, while some of them He exalted (above others) in decree: “This is quite evident that as far as Prophethood is concerned all the prophets are equal but as for as their status in the sight of Allah is concerned they are different in status. Out of thousands of Prophets and messengers of God only four have been blessed with the Holy Scriptures. They are David (ay) Moses (), Jeses (c) and the last Prophet of God Hazrat Mohammad (SAW).

Their Holy scriptures are (Psalms), Torat Bible (J and the Glorious Quran (SUA) Then again as Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) is the last prophet of God, similarly the Glorious Quran is also the last and the perfect book of God which also shows the difference. Islam is a natural and universal religion which has specified the distinctions and status among men and women in this world. The status and position of men and women have clearly been defined. The highest status of a woman has been bestowed upon Mary and as such no woman can claim to be like her (Mary).

Then again relationship among men and women has also been defined. The son cannot be equal to his father because father has his own position and the son has his own position and vice versa. Now let me clarify further more. Suppose there is father and he is a medical doctor and is considered to be well reputed among the people of his society. This father has a son, who is also a medical doctor and he (the son ) also has got good reputation in his society. Now the question arises as to who would be considered more respectable by the people of that society. Surely it would be the father more than his son.

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