Advantages and Disadvantages Of Bleach Cream

Facial skin is naturally very delicate but most women use bleach cream to white the complexion.

Bleach cream whitens the complexion temporarily but the disadvantages are much greater,

The benefits of Bleach

  • Bleach cream instantly turns the color white.
  • Bleach cream removes dryness on the hands and feet makes them soft and supple.
  • The use of bleach cream enhances the beauty of hands and feet.

Disadvantages of Bleach

  • Bleach cream contain chemicals that can cause skin cancer.
  • Bleach cream destroys the texture on the skin.
  • Bleach cream also cause allergies and itching.

Precautions for Bleach Cream

  • Do not use Bleach cream on allergies or wounds.
  • Minimize the use of bleach cream on the face.
  • Do not go in the sun for two hours after using the cream.
  • Use bleach cream once a month

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