A journey full of thorns

She wanted to be a model. Her dream was to become a big star. She was a very open minded girl
He had no interest in anyone
It meant something
She could do anything she wanted
She was the daughter of a poor family   
The queen’s dream was to become a superstar
She wanted to do everything and move on. She was in college. She had affairs with countless boys.
She would send her picture to someone and get balance. She would reassure her every boyfriend. I am only yours. I do not talk to anyone except you. Understand that she was playing with boys.
She was beautiful. That’s why any man would be attracted to her. She thought all men are crazy. Just smile and talk. They come to her feet. The two queens are upset and said, “My heart also wants to give you my pictures, but what can I do? My father is very poor. I have saved money and bought this cheap mobile but now his camera does not work. Take it or else we will make a video call. Ranjha of this lover woke up and said quickly, hey John, this is also a matter, will I send you money tomorrow? The girl is very unfaithful
On the other hand, he used to take mobile money from someone. He had become accustomed to talking to boys. His parents were literate. He was not a single sister. He had no brother. Talking, if a rooster gets stuck, it is not right, then there was the option of block
She kept thinking she was very smart. Who can know who I am and where I am from? She used to return to some boys by showing her hot picture. The boy was a hacker. The queen kept talking to him. She told him her sorrows.
That guy thought this girl was active
He hacked Rani’s mobile phone all night long
Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl
Otherwise ignorance will be bad for you
The queen was very scared. The boy asked the queen to talk to me on video call or else I would upload all your pictures. She kept crying and apologizing in front of this boy but he was a hacker
This queen turned off the mobile. The mobile remained off for a few days
He had gone to the bazaar with his mother to do some shopping when suddenly a girl came to the queen wearing a burqa
He held a piece of paper in the queen’s hand and when she saw it, she left.
You can’t hide from us. Go home and turn on your mobile
The queen lost consciousness and was now terrified
She went home and turned on her mobile phone. Why did you call me? My soul, what did you think? You will get rid of us. The queen started crying. Forgive me. I made a mistake. Forgive me. But this hacker was stubborn. She took off her clothes and in front of me on the video call, the queen had become psychotic. She was crying a lot. She was very quiet. Why did the hacker say that if he told anyone something, I will do a very bad thing to you, remember, the queen cried, took off her clothes in front of him and came to the video call, he would blackmail the queen whenever he wanted.
The queen became a toy in the game
When did the queen think that this social would become the torment of her life?
She used to think that just talk hot with the boys and turn them into fools but she didn’t know that not everyone here is a fool.
The hacker would bring the queen in front of the camera whenever he wanted for a year. The queen apologized. During this time, the queen also tried to commit suicide several times.
No one understood what was happening to the queen
The parents thought they would marry the queen
A relationship came for Rani. The boy was a soft engineer. He was beautiful. Everyone liked the boy. Just got married in a few days. Rani got married and left. Rani broke all her mobile SIM. I sincerely apologize, so forgive me now what will happen to you
It was the first night of the marriage. The queen’s husband Arsal was looking at the queen
The queen was sitting with her eyes downcast
Arsal did not talk to the queen. He picked up the pillow. He lay down on the floor. Seeing this, he said not to tell anyone about what happened to us last night. But in the room alone, he kept the queen away from him. The queen was going mentally insane. Why is Arsal doing this to me?
Many times Rani tried to ask Arsal why are you doing this Arsal is doing this to me but Arsal stares at the queen and the queen becomes silent and the queen’s heart is breaking so why is Arsal like this
She could not tell anyone what she was saying. Rani had a very high fever. She did not tell Arsal. Rani said Arsal and Rani were sleeping in the room. Arsal was asleep
The headache was getting unbearable. He looked at Arsal and started crying. Arsal, why are you bothering me? I felt Arsal, the queen is crying. You go to sleep, sorry, you are sleep deprived.
The queen cried and said, “Arsal, I don’t want to go to anyone. I’m fine. Arsal came with a headache tablet. Eat it.”
I will be fine in Arsal. You adopt me
Just make me yours, I will be fine in Arsal
Arsal put a bullet in Rani’s mouth with his hand. He put a glass of water in Rani’s mouth. Eat the pill.
Do you have any other choice Arsal? Tell me something. A year has passed. You have never called me with love
Arsal, why don’t you put me on your chest, Arsal, I will do as you say, but give me my right
Arsal changed her clothes and fell asleep. Rani used to do housework and keep crying on her couch. Why is Arsal doing this?
The queen had no shortage of money
Arsal is my husband. I will take my right by force today. It was raining heavily from Arsal. Arsal came home from office. Arsal was soaked
He came into the room and started changing quickly. Rani also came in the room and took Arsal in her arms from behind.
Arsal said softly, “Queen, leave me alone.”
The queen smiled and said, “Arsal, you are my husband. I will not listen to you today.” Arsal grabbed her by the hair and shouted at her. What happens
The queen’s heartbeat was fast. Arsal, tell me what you have hidden.
How many boys have lusted after your body How many boys have you robbed and you say why do you send such a queen with me was lifeless
How did Arsal have all this data? The queen sat on the ground and started crying. Arsal: I admit that I have committed a sin. I was also punished for it. I know you will divorce me
I will not say anything. I am very sorry Arsal
I am not worthy of a good man like you
She was crying. May Allah forgive me. I no longer have the strength to endure or may Allah forgive me
Arsal approached the queen and filled her face with his hand and said that he was one of the hacker blackmailers.
I hacked your data right away when you befriended me
Then you began to tell me that I am poor, that I am like that, queen, if I wanted, I would disgrace you, I would auction you off.
But I wanted to give you a lesson. I wanted to make you realize. Queen, will I accept you even after so many sins of yours?
Arsal said, “I have been punished for my sins. Please punish me more by divorcing me so that I may become a sign and tell the girls to protect their honor, love and do not make new friends. I don’t know, Rani understood to stay within her limits
Arsal wiped the queen’s tears and kissed her on the forehead
Queen, you have realized your mistake. That is enough. After getting tired of committing sins, the queen finally returned to Allah. She became a 5-time worshiper. She was living a life of honor because Arsal was a good man
But maybe even today some girls like Rani are making new friends. They have started craving to make friends with boys on Facebook or Real. * Smile * will say one thing. Like the queen, there will be a messenger, there may be a beast
Taking care of your parents along with your honor


_ * I wish this thing would sink into your heart * _

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